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Safe Sounds Crew

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Safe Sounds Crew embodies Hip Hop in its purest, rawest form with dope beats, rhymes and turntablism guaranteed to get the crowd movin'. From Central California, Safe Sounds Crew mixes live instrumentals with beats, beatbox, scratches and freestyles for a funky, live stage show that will rock!


Emcee Zx, Grim, Dj Roch and Beatbox Mic comprise The Safe Sounds Crew, four Hip Hop heads with the collective talent of three Deejays, four rappers, three beatsmiths, two guitar players, a Beatbox and a turntablist.

Originating from central California, Safe Sounds Crew has emerged as one of the dopest live shows in the Cali Hip Hop underground scene. With performances from Humboldt to Los Angeles, Safe Sounds has been wowing audiences with their ecclectic music styles and multi instrumentalism– not to mention bangin beats and rhymes.

Discontent with the Hip Hop scene in Bakersfield, Safe Sounds decided to take it upon themselves to create a musical movement, starting with residency at the now infamous "Open Mic Nights" at California State University, Bakersfield, where they held down shows twice a month from 2004-2006.

With influences from Freestyle Fellowship and The Pharcyde to The Beatles and Herbie Hancock, the eclectic musical tastes of Safe Sounds is evident by their live show, which includes the Hip Hop standard two turntables and brings everything from drum machine breaks, freestyles and guitars to vocal percussion and accapella.

Trapped in a room with beer, blunts and lots of freestyles, The Safe Sounds Crew recorded their debut album "The Quest(ion)?" in early 2006. A raw, funky introduction into the music world, the album featured the single "Adonde" which received radio play in Bakersfield on Hot 94.1 and PLAY 103.9 and was also featured on the Music Compilation Volume 1.

Now, with an albums worth of new material, three years of stage experience and a growing fan base, Safe Sounds Crew is coming to a show near you!


The Quest(ion)?-2006
Safe Sounds Crew (Untitled)-2007
"Adonde" Music Compilation Volume 1-2007

Set List

typical 30-60 min set can include:

The Happy Song
Just Another Day
Time Goes Bye
Guitar jam with freestyles
And other songs...

And all kinds of other madness focused on getting the crowd hype!