Safe to Say

Safe to Say


After being in countless bands in the past, we couldn't be happier that we're finally in one that's starting to take off and gain some recognition. Music is our lives and the one thing we truly care about.


We're a group of five best friends who decided to start a band, playing the music we love, and getting as many shows as possible. with all of our different tastes in music, Safe to Say has seemed to have found our own sound over the last year. moody choruses simillar to that of 90's pop punk/emo, and fast as hell tempos influenced by our all around love for hardcore.

Some say we're just hardcore kids playing pop punk. we're hoping to be the bridge between the two genres we love most.

Come september, we are heading out on tour across Ontario and heading down into the states as well.


We are heading back into the studio the first week of August to record a 7" vinyl split EP with Seaway, who happens to be playing Koi festival.

Self titled EP - Summer 2011

Sick to Death - June 2012

7" vinyl split with Seaway - Coming September 2012