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"Review of The Safety Collective + Web Society @ Homegrown Hamilton"

*Note: I did a few things in one night, so I’ll be doing one of my rare combination reviews.

There are some nights in Hamilton. I don’t know where they’ll take me, and I’m glad they went that way.

I had one such night on the 12th.
After viewing artist Pat Bellamy’s latest collection at Hammer City Records, I headed to Homegrown Hamilton to see The Safety Collective and Web Society. (The poster had the show tagged as ’2 bands, 3 hours of music’ or something along that line. So I was all for going.)
2nd Band: The Safety Collective.

Lest anyone get the wrong idea, The Safety Collective was not to be out-done.

Singer Stephen James Hanson was sick, but he played awesomely to the end of the set. The other two band members were no slack-asses either. The drummer broke out a mini hip-hop set, and the bass player was lightning quick and capable when it came to switching between all three instruments.

And that’s what I think the band’s two strengths are. Switching, and social activism.

They change instruments regularly. They mix genres. All the vocal stylings are different. But in-between songs, and the songs content themselves, talk about either our city or world; and what can be done to make it better.

But if two things also remain the same for The Safety Collective, it’s that they seem to put their fans enjoyment and knowledge first.

I’m giving this set a Historical stamp too. I’ve never seen live hip-hop before, I’m all for a good cause, and I love awesome music.

10 out of 10. - Kristine Wales, Made of Steeltown

"2012 Thunder Zine Music Awards"

I think by now, most people who know me know two things:

1: I have a zine called Thunder.

2: Every year, I compile a list of what I personally think is the best in Ontario’s Punk and Alternative Rock. Whoever wins gets my unwavering support and some kind of candy in a golden wrapper to mark the occasion. (If I had the money for actual trophies, the zine probably wouldn’t exist.)

This was a, pardon my language, a fu*king fantastic year for music in Ontario. Metal, Punk, and much more filled the clubs, streets, and headphones. Whether you were taking in a free show this summer at one of many festivals, or taking in a show in the colder weather, you were sure to be in awe. (I know I was.)

Best Band (Male-Led): The Safety Collective.

Best Solo Project (Tie):

Steve Hanson In Transit (Member of The Safety Collective)

Nathaniel Blizzard - Made Of Steeltown, Kristine Wales

"Five things for art lovers at October's Art Crawl"

"The After Parties:

King William Street is the place to keep the party going after Art Crawl wraps up on James Street North.

Homegrown will be the safest place in Hamilton with a performance by the Safety Collective, a local rock and roll band." - CBC News


Safety First EP - 4 song Digital Download

Sticky Fingers - Played on CFMU (McMaster University campus radio, Feb 2013, Hamilton ON) Streaming on Jango (internet radio).

Pint Of Perspective - Played on CFMU (McMaster University campus radio, Feb 2013, Hamilton ON)

Heated Garage - Streaming on Jango (internet radio).



Steve met Chris in 2009 at an open mic and met Campbell through a mutual friend in early 2010. After expressing to each of them an interest in forming a band, Steve introduced the two at a jam Chris hosted. After a second jam, the three not only agreed to form a band, they felt it was necessary to do so.

Two years and many jams later, they have added a fourth member, David, who made his debut performance with the band on March 1 2013.

The Safety Collective has performed over twenty times, including performances at Homegrown Hamilton, This Ain't Hollywood, Open To The Core, Open Streets 2011 & 2012, and The Doors Pub. They have been interviewed twice on CFMU (McMaster University campus radio, Feb 2013, Hamilton ON).

The band enjoys playing musical chairs, literally. Chris, Steve & David all share duties on guitars & bass with Campbell on the drums...most of the time. When he's not drumming he's fronting the band with his socially-conscious hip-hop. Steve & Chris share the role of lead vocalist depending on the song.

Cam, Chris and Steve are an eclectic mix of eccentric personalities and influences. While they share a lot of musical tastes, each member has a large listening palette with a different center or "home-base". All three contribute lyrics, with some songs written collaboratively and others separately.

Common influences to the band include: The Clash, Bob Marley, Sublime, Husker Du, The Beatles, The Jam, Gang Of Four, Foo Fighters.