Safe Word

Safe Word


Safe Word is a 3-piece rock band from Atlanta that invokes the fun spirit of the Pixies with the mayhem of Sonic Youth.


Safe Word: A word that has collective accord in which exemplifies the necessity for intense activity to cease and desist. Change: An unsafe and feared word in the arsenal of a counter culture...a culture in which spawned Safe Word's infectious sound.

The Atlanta trio features vocalist and guitarist Rachel Greene, vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Ryan Eastwood, and drummer Kate Bush.

The elegant yet deceitful bass...and manipulative yet graceful drum; inevitably lures you on the journey where the mischievous guitar ultimately tugs you back into port. There is nothing safe about their complete sound. Safe Word subverts the dominant paradigm that is today's musical culture....with melodies that are steady, yet meandering...ultimately tantalizing all those who embark down the winding rabbit hole.

Formed in spring 2008, Safe Word is building a local following in the music venues in Atlanta with more and more familiar faces appearing in the crowd at each show. The group is planning to record the "Alphabet Crimes EP" for release in Summer '09.


"Chemical Alphabets EP" - Summer 2009