Saffron plays originals and covers to get a crowd dancing and having fun. Three-part harmonies, true pop sensibility and new spins on your favorite tunes set it apart from the average bar band.


Saffron is comprised of Connecticut natives Sun Srinivasan and identical twins Anne and Liz Clampet. They play throughout New England and New York in rock clubs, bars and acoustic venues.

Theirs is music that truly blends pop and rock. With clever lyrics, killer harmonies dynamite hooks, the music is meant to put a smile on your face and leave it there for days.

In addition to their original material, what sets them apart is their spin on some of your favorite covers. How many other bands do you know that do a medley of REO Speedwagon, followed by a ska/power ballad version of Jewel's "Foolish Games?"


"Quite Possibly..." Released May 2006

Standout songs include the sweet "Long Goodnight" and the ballad "Before You Know."

"3 out of 4" -- released May 2000

This album's singles, Queen of the World, Waiting for You, and Murder She Wrote have been played on Connecticut radio stations WWUH and WNHU, and are currently in the rotation on a number of radio stations.

Set List

We can play 30 minutes up to 3 hours. Our set is usually a 50/50 split between covers and originals.

Here's a sample set list:
1. Queen of the World
2. Zombie -- Cranberries
3. Snake Eyes
4. You Know Me
5. Foolish Games (Jewel -- Saffron style)
6. Blister in the Sun -- Violent Femmes
7. Smile
8. Angry
9. Linger -- Cranberries
10. Addict -- K's Choice
11. I Will
12. Long Goodnight
13. Kiss Me Deadly -- Lita Ford