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Safira writes and produces her own music her songs are played world wide regularly.

Safira's music is dedicated to uplifting youths and instilling hope and encouragement as opposed to violence as a way.



In early June of 1986 Shockera was born to Moya & Derrick Pinnock.
As time went by the couple separated and Derrick left behind his 2 year old daughter who would not see him until her 9th birthday. Moya some how managed well with Shockera, her 2 sons and 3 children from her sister who earlier migrated to the States.
Shockera was brought up in a Christian home being that her grandmother was the head of the family and served as a minister in a Pentecostal church. At age 11 Shockera converted as a Christian and took a watery baptism. Music began in Sunday school for Shockera but she wasn't fond of the gospel being that at school most of her friends weren't believers.

During class one day a teacher was called to the principal's office leaving the class room unattended. This being a great opportunity for the students to do as they please Shockera and fellow classmates started a clash. After watching and seeing what fun it was to clash in a funny manner Shockera spend quality time studding some lyrics from Beenie man, Bounty Killer, Mad Cobra, Lady G, Lady Saw and other dancehall artists. One afternoon during lunch there was a mini class under a plum tree out in the school yard and the crowd was growing bigger. Shockera was eating lunch when friends came and literally drag her over to the clash site. This was the day that Shockera was know as a clash artist and was named LadyShock.

In spring of 2000 LadyShock migrated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida weeks before her 13th birthday. Shyness got a hold on her during middle school and while the kids wild out in class she would sit writing lyrics on a day to day basic. Tell us what you're over there writing her classmates would tease until she stood up in the classroom one day and flow straight from the book. The class was amazed although most didn't understand the lyrics but demanded that she do more selections because they loved it. LadyShock held a reputation in class at Seminole middle school throughout the 8th grade.

LadyShock started High School (South Plantation High) and in no time she was free styling and clashing during lunches, breaks, classes and even outside of school at small shows. It was then that she med a female artist that goes by the name LadyDawn.
Too many females are using the Lady before their names she thought and started searching for a unique name to take on. It was in church one Sunday that a preacher was preaching about Ananias and Zafira and LadyShock's cousin pointed at her and said the story was about her because LadyShock had lied to her weeks prior to that.
LadyShock then ceased the name and took on Safira. The name has a lot of meaning to it and she's not the opposite of Zafira but other meanings of the name describe her well.

After high school Safira's career in the industry has been growing and she has been writing, performing, and hanging with a lot of local artist in Fort Lauderdale and some big ones in Jamaica. Safira is now working on her 5th album and the difference with this one is that it will be professionally done.