Safire Sun

Safire Sun


We put our heart and soul into our music. All songs on Safire Suns debut CD are original songs written by band members. Each band member brings their own unique personality and style to the music and the result is a truely new refreshing style of bluegrass unlike anything you've ever heard before.


We love music in general and have influences in every type of music and that shines through in our music, but our roots will always be in bluegrass. Each member of Safire Sun has their own unique story. As a band we consist of talented songwriters, pioneers in bluegrass, and young up and comers all ready to blaze a new trail in bluegrass music.


The only singles we have are on the Safire Sun CD

Set List

Our typical setlist includes, orginal material (gospel and secular) We also do cover songs in all genres and interpret them our own way with our vocal stylings and with bluegrass instruments. Our repertoire appeals to all ages from those who love traditional bluegrass to those who love newgrass, we make sure to combine both in our shows.