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Rep Your City (The radio single currently streaming and also radio airplay)

"Da Pra'Gres" EP is coming this winter



A Saga is a long story especially about something dramatic and that’s exactly what is his life story about. Born Ernesto Perez in Newark, NJ on July 11, 1985, Saga was into music from day one. Not only was his father a musician but also his uncle was a DJ. Saga was an average child who loved cartoons, Halloween, and sports. He spent much of his time with his beloved grandparents.
It was during his early childhood where Saga experienced his first dose of realities of this cruel world. He witnessed his grandfather murder his grandmother before committing suicide. As traumatizing as that day was, Saga never shed a tear. After that tragic event his mother moved him and his older brother to Philadelphia.
Being raised in “North Philadelphia” Saga had to learn the way of the streets. He began to indulge himself into the world of rap music after becoming inspired by Tupac, his all time favorite artist. He began freestyling and battling other students in school. At the same time he began to get caught up in the streets. Saga was selling drugs and enjoying life in the fast lane.
All that came to a halt when he almost got caught and arrested. That’s when he decided to leave the streets alone and turned his attention towards music. Although he’s been rapping since 2002, he has never more determined then ever. His daughter Zayanii has him more motivated than ever. The desire to not only make something of himself,but to provide his daughter with a better life outside of North Philadelphia.
He is working tremendously hard networking with media outlets and DJ’s to raise the awareness of his talent. Saga wants to be the next big thing out of Philly and by looking at the hunger for the game in his eyes, he will be!