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Like a Queen (single) 2006 - Deluxe Recordings
Enlightenment (album) 2007 - Deluxe Recordings


Feeling a bit camera shy


Saga Deluxe represents a contemporary Finnish singer/songwriter and a poet who is an extraordinary mixture of old and new. In music Saga has translated this by mixing modern electro beats into old fashioned melody compositions and national folk chants. The result is a sensual electro pop of the 21st century.


The little Saga literally learned to sing before she could properly speak. Growing into a musical family was a gift that most of us dream of. Saga’s songwriter grandfather gave her the push to name her dreams and made recordings with Saga singing, accompanying her with an accordion as early age as four. Saga did her school studies in a special class designed for musically talented children and studied in a music institute the craft of classical flute.

From her first song entitled “Love or War” written as young as twelve years old, triggered by the Persian Golf War, Saga has been seeking inspiration from her surrounding events and nature. She began professional studio work immediately after finishing high-school and translated her inner emotions into this ultimate expressive art. In her late teens Saga decided to take a step further and re-located to Amsterdam (NL). This move enabled her to continue polishing her classically trained music skills on a higher level and focus on lyrical writing.

An audition to Waterland Music Production Company brought Saga to meet a Dutchman Joachim Vermeulen Windsant and the magic was instant. Classically trained producer Joachim Vermeulen Windsants vision into writing songs was so similar to Saga’s this pair went onto write numerous songs together with great success and together they have produced Saga’s debut album “Enlightenment”. In 2005 Saga and Joachim produced a track “Love does not equal success” which she enrolled to a vocal contest by a professional Dutch vocal organization. This led her to win and she was awarded with a MultiMixMusic Award, not only from the songwriting, but her touching vocals as well. Together this pair also prepares Saga’s performance sets and has frequently performed in Amsterdam placed venues such as the Mansion and the Supper Club.


Saga’s early years of life were filled with music of the 60’s and 70’s. From Soul Diva’s like Aretha Franklin to Rock and Roll’s ultimate giants Pink Floyd, to modern days electro dance compilations like the Undiscovered Ibiza series, Saga’s music collection has always been as colorful as the rainbow. Her taste in music varies from side to side depending on her mood. The biggest impacts in her life were made by the previously mentioned and also Jamiroquai, who’s sensual melodies changed the life of a fifteen-year-old girl and Toni Braxton whose divine voice gave Saga inspiration for vocal training and lately electro goddess Goldfrapp who’s “songs are ingenious and the vocals are to die for”, according to Saga. “Performance wise there is no-one as professional as Madonna and she must be admired by every single musician whether you like her songs or not”, Saga continues.

Music business today:

Having a successful songwriting path behind the entrepreneurial Saga began a freelance production company in 2005. Having more work and making more collaborations a year later on this production company turned into a full recording company – Deluxe Recordings.

Currently Saga’s independent label Deluxe Recordings collaborates with various producers around the world, containing licensing and partnership agreements worldwide. Having set up her own distribution channels this independent artist and a business woman now also works with other artists to launch their careers via these channels.

Late 2006 Saga released her debut single “Like a Queen” which received success around the world. Having played at radio stations from UK to Australia to Serbia (!) and being promoted on dance TV channels around the world Saga herself was extremely pleased with the outcome and will release her debut album through these same channels. Late 2007 can expect “Enlightenment” to take Europe over beginning with the enchanting single release “Fly Away”. It is as well Saga’s debut album, but also her most personal collection of songs. From these Saga chose “I’ll always have Paris” as a special internet release and the music video will be shot in the City of Love itself in August 2007.

Saga Deluxe is an honest performer and as passionate to music as music is to being alive. Ever since that first kindergarten performance when little Saga was four years old the stage has been drawing her to it. Now the rest of the music industry is beginning to take notice to years of hard work and dedication to succeed in such a personal craft. Saga has declared never to stop making music whether it pays the rent or not. When you love something as much as she loves music earthly things such as money become secondary. Although, Saga’s biggest dream is be to make a living in providing memories to othe