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Bogotá, Colombia | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Bogotá, Colombia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Electronic Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Meet Ságan, Colombia´s Newest Cosmic Dream Pop Duo"

Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, Ságan is a creative duo who distinguish themselves through their obsession with the universe and taking their audience on a journey. This shows in their cover art and in their music, which is filled with soundscapes that resemble the experience of floating in outer space, or at least inhabiting an echo chamber.

The band started around the early months of 2015. They’ve released a single and Cada Célula, an EP with seven songs that opens with “Oceánico,” the first composition the duo made. After realizing the good chemistry the duo had while creating “Oceánico,” María Mónica Gutiérrez and Felipe Ortega decided to make more music to match that first collaboration. Computers replaced the acoustic instruments they were used to through their other musical projects, and what followed was two months of hard work and a new record.

“Universal” is a more typical approach to the tempo of electronic music everyone recognizes, while “Piedras” is closer to trip hop. “Bidimensional” is a calm song in which Gutiérrez showcases her vocals in all their introspective glory.

Ságan shares certain vocal qualities and sampling patterns with Grimes and FKA Twigs, but the Spanish vocals make for a different approach. Gutiérrez’s phrasing and timbre stand out, and combined with the instrumentation, their songs are soothing and calm.

According to reviews, their live set is a nonstop journey with visuals that highlight their cosmic aesthetic. It’s good news for those looking for a cohesive electronica show. If you have the chance, catch them at the end of this month at Bogotá’s Hermoso Ruido Festival.

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"5 "Must See" artists of the Hermoso Ruido Festival"

Ságan is a duet from Bogotá that profiles as the newcomer of the year. The band jumped into the scene in May 2015 with their debut EP "Cada Cédula", a fresh material with lots of personality that mixes experimental electronic sounds - surrounding atmospheres, rich textures, interesting percussive sounds, and soft beats - with a pop closeup that evokes nostalgia.

Their live show is another important highlight, a trip with visual material that complements with the cosmic character of their music, to create an integral sorrounding experience. - Club Social Music

"5 Colombian Albums You Must Hear"

Ságan is a duo of experimental pop with strong presence of electronic sounds and a protagonic female voice. This 'key', arising from the local bogotain scene, has a particular aesthetic and in the last few months has been constantly playing their reportoire from their debut album “Cada Célula”, an album of seven songs with a special union between beats and intimate lyrics. Its a precious work, soft but cautivating, with good songs (such as “Bidimensional”, “Calígula” and “Piedras”), some flok mysticism and close to the New Wave. - SHOCK - Chucky García


2015 - Adebut album, cada célula



Maria Monica Gutierrez and Felipe Ortega are the names that hide behind Ságan, an emerging proyect which sonce now we include as one of the biggest musical promises of the year (Shock Mag Colombia)

An experimental electronic composition, ambiental surrounding sounds, microscopic percussions and ethereal voices that inspire introspection as well as cosmonautics. Focused on the song format, the proyect presents an experimental and dremy pop that compliments with an live act proposal withouth interruptions between songs, and some visual proyections very much like Carl Ságan´s ( Vice)

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