New York City, New York, USA

What some people have said : “… originality & confidence, from her voice to her style. She is a woman with a vision, which is inspirational to all of us.”-Nikki Reed, actress
“…Don't pigeon hole this artist. She’ll keep surprising you just like she did me.” Robin Eaton, producer


Sage began her journey as a singer/songwriter and actress when she was three years old and has been performing and perfecting her craft ever since. She grew up around some of the world’s greatest musicians, her grandmother having worked with Elvis and her mother with Leonard Cohen. Sage has performed her music on some of Los Angeles' most renowned stages including the Roxy, the Whiskey, and the House of Blues.

Sage began her acting career at age 3 with a small role in director OLIVER STONE's film THE DOORS. At age 5, she went on to dance with MICHAEL JACKSON in the John Landis directed music video BLACK or WHITE. Her first solo vocal recording was on the 1994 Red Earth Festival award winning documentary film, “The Third Verse, 500 Years, Land Of The Children”. In 1998, Sage performed “Thank You” with Natalie Merchant at the Lilith Fair in New Mexico. Other highlights include her own show on the Disney Channel, “Tune Disney Summer Sundays with Sage and Beau” and a co-starring role in the ABC mini-series “Dreamkeeper”.

Sage began her education at Yale in 2004 while simultaneously co-starring in the Steven Spielberg miniseries “Into The West” for TNT. Through her education she explored the world, studying theater in London and in Russia's renowned Moscow Art Theater. During her Yale education she continued to hone her craft as a musician and actress.

Upon graduation Sage went to Los Angeles and started to work on her new musical venture, this led her to London and Nashville where she wrote and recorded her solo EP, “Learning to Walk“. The video for the first single, “Edie Sedgwick”, was produced by Twilight star Nikki Reed and featured English folk artist Johnny Flynn. The controversial video got rave reviews by Perez Hilton and numerous online blog sites, garnering over 95,000 views on YouTube.

Currently, Sage lives in New York City and has been collaborating with numerous writers and musicians for her new record, creating a country/blues sound mingling the sounds of old school Patsy Cline style country with blues/jazz undertones and beats a la Amy Winehouse. She has been performing at the Soho nightclub W.I.P.'s Tuesday night DROPOUT party where Debbie Harry and The Drums have also performed, and sometimes you might find her testing out tunes in the subway ?



Written By: Sage Galesi, Robin Eaton

Written by Sage, Robin Eaton (Nashville 2009)

There’s no whiskey cuz the liquor store is closed
There’s no love cuz you’re not here anymore
It was so romantic once, just getting drunk
But there’s no whiskey cuz the liquor store is closed

They say a girl she ought to be demure
But I’ve never been someone who was unsure
I wore my heart on my sleeve
But you stripped it off of me
And there’s no whiskey cuz the liquor store is closed

Now I’m scared I cant feel through these scars
And all you’ll ever give me are your polite regards
You were sweeter than a person ought to be
You put up with my drunken misery
Then you finally hit the road
And now I’m growing old
There’s no whiskey cuz the liquor store is closed

I got a little wine, but it takes such a long long time
There’s no whiskey cuz the liquor store is closed

Love & Pain

Written By: Lyrics: Sage Galesi, Music: Sage Galesi, Miles Robertson

Love and Pain
Lyrics By Sage Galesi, Music by Sage Galesi and Miles Robertson
Written March 2012

He said take a chance with you life
Never know what’s an open door
But I have been trying so long
Can’t tell anymore what it’s for
Been so many promises
It’s hard to believe again
When you have been down for this long
You’re scared of what it feels like to win

Don’t lose your heart
Don’t fall apart
The time will heal this pain
Don’t lost your heart
Don’t fall apart
Youll find the love again

We were made of love and pain
So have grace on the way
We can’t tell where we’re going babe
So have peace on the way

He said you can’t see it now
But you will soon enough
And I will believe in you
When everything seems too tough


Don’t wanna live my life in fear
But it’s so hard being here
Don’t wanna live my life in fear
But I feel so alone being here