S.erving the A.lmighty G.OD E.ternally

S.erving the A.lmighty G.OD E.ternally

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High Praise and mighty worship to GOD, radical, energetic, bold proclamation of Jesus Christ, uncompromising, soul saving, demon rebuking, anointed, against the normal, presents hope to this generation, mission minded.


Throughout the history of the Bible, God has risen up a willing and obedient vessel ready to stand to the death for the honor and glory of His Name. Such is the story of Sage. Sage- acronym for Serving the Almighty God Eternally has committed himself to just that, serve God radically and boldly with no shame presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this generation with no compromise. Through his preaching and music ministry, people of different backgrounds, cultures, and even religions have been impacted by the ministry this young man offers. From South Carolina to West Virginia and still expanding, Sage is coming presenting hope, inspiration, deliverance, and salvation in Jesus Christ through his music ministry and preaching of The Word of God. Prepared to be engaged with anointed worship chants, high praise, and the soul shaking message of Jesus Christ through the music ministry of Sage.


Coast to Coast- new radio single

Set List

Coast to Coast
Jesus Run This
Christian Behavior
The Christ
Not Ashamed
Alter Call