Sage and Stone

Sage and Stone


Sage and Stone is a new band started by Danny Olson. Danny played and recorded everything on the recording of the first EP, and has enlisted friends to help carry out live duties as well as additional recordings.


Danny Olson was born in 1985. Now having spent over half his life mastering the guitar (specifically acoustic) he has turned his efforts more towards songwriting, production, recording, and just being creative and having fun!

Danny records his songs at home in his bedroom with protools, a couple audio technica microphones and a solid state logic channel strip.

Danny is working on his first album which will be called "You Always Say What You Want To Say" and will be released in the spring of 2010. After this Danny will return to the live music scene and hit the road to tour the country.


"I Will Look Under This Rock" CDEP 2010

Set List

Sage and Stone will make it's first live appearance January 23rd. More info to come after that.