Sage Anthony

Sage Anthony


Sage Anthony is a page outta the old west, his songs smack of campfire coffee, lead you down dusty trails and introduce you to wild women. His personality and charm come through in such songs as "Cedar Chest" and "Rollin' My Own" to his new riveting song called "Tennesse Prison"


The whole dang lot of rabble rousers came from the West, they left behind 'em a trail of whiskey bottles, angry Sherriff's and Happy Dance Hall girls, they decided to give up thier wicked ways...well at least the illegal ones...and started an outlaw country band instead.
So if they left whiskey bottles and confused women in your front yard, instead of beating them.... why not join 'em !! C'mon down and see the boys play live !


first CD in progress. . .being recorded as we speak

Set List

We play a slew of great cover songs as well as a heap of original beauties, we do everything from John Prine and Hank Williams to Charlie Daniels and Johnny far as newer songs we go with songs written by our songwriter, he doesnt play in the band, but writes some great tunes...we play them instead of trying to cover garth, clint or pat green... we believe covers should be classics and original songs..future classics.
original titles include
Cedar Chest, Tennessee Prison, Rollin' My Own, Sidewinder, In love with my pillow, wicked hand, Booty Call, Aunt Fanny was a Lesbian and many more.