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"DJ reviews Sage's live Show"

"Sage Gentle-Wing is definitely in the top 1 or 2 % of ALL the acts I've featured on my show over the years and that includes national acts! As a singer , songwriter, and guitarist respectively, Sage is a huge talent. The industry needs to find out about this guy!"

-Dave Stafford'Friday Folk Off
KKUP Santa Clara 91.5FM' - DJ quote:

"profile of a gentle soul"

Local singer-songwriter, Sage Gentle-Wing, makes a brief though insightful guest appearance in the film Have You Seen Clem?
His cameo appearance is a teaser as his music reveals a complex character that needs to be described, not just labeled.

Moreover, Gentle-Wing possesses a quality that transcends the term local. Cosmic seems far more appropriate. He is one of those unheralded, yet exceptionally rare individuals who embody the talented “little guy.” In this topsy-turvy, convoluted world of ours, the so-called little guy often turns out to be a mega-monster in talent and musical craftsmanship. If you’re a cognoscente who savors creative troubadour soul quality, chances are you already know Gentle-Wing. If not, you should.

There is a poetic or perhaps spiritual irony in an artist like Gentle-Wing. The world is full of technical entertainers but very few artists. Artists pay a heavy price for their creativity and often appear to be operating in a vacuum of popular approval. On the other hand, technical entertainers must cater to popular approval since their eyes are on the net reward. After all, it’s their targeted audience.

Unlike a technical entertainer, an artist is a creative and enlightened soul, willing to forsake filthy mammon for his or her passionate pursuit of art. The world labels the artist eccentric, perhaps even nuts, but that’s because the artist has a different set of standards from the mainstream – standards that regularly contradict the world’s. Moreover, their standards are uncompromisingly high. Artists spend a lifetime wrestling to conform their work to seemingly unobtainable vision.

So, rather than giving the world what it wants, the artist goes about creating to satisfy an inner spiritual longing. There is soul satisfaction in this, though an artist might himself be living out of a van for being so “impractical.” But, like a prophet of old, an artist stands as a testimony of what is real.

Though the work of the artist is often marginalized, or even worse, totally ignored, an artist continues on a creative crusade. Occasionally, the world might discover and embrace the artist. But almost immediately, it begins to counterfeit the real thing, as if it can control and manipulate something as allusive as creativity

Artists like Gentle-Wing are rare. And though it’s easy to view them as victims of the system, they are far from it. They are champions and defenders of creativity. In a way they are paying a price for all of us who love to experience the true creative genius in music.

- Lyle Duplessie - San Diego Trobadour

- Lyle Duplessie- San Diego Troubador

"wood and Wires-San Diego City Beat"

Wood & Wires

Hearing a name like Sage Gentle-Wing and figuring he was a protégé of smooth jazz feel-good Tuck (of Tuck and Patti fame), one would expect light, airy fare. But Gentle-Wing is an impressive, soulful guitarist and singer, fully aware that grit and gristle are worth their weight in guitar scales. For his show on March 7 at Lestat’s he’ll be previewing the hobo documentary film that includes his music, titled Have You Seen Clem? Further east, guitar legend Paco de Lucia updates Flamenco with modern, almost folk artist’s take on the art at Calif. Center for the Arts, Escondido, March 7. The native of southern Spain comes from a family of pros, mastering Flamenco by the time he was 11 and going on to play with the likes of Chick Corea. In case you missed City Beat’s big feature last week, 2002 U.S. Fiddle Champ Jamie Laval will scorch the night Celtic on March 3 at Dizzy’s. Two standing engagements have become should-see events: The Biddy Bums, a local acoustic duo with good humor and inspiring chops play every Thursday at Lestat’s and Jenn Grinnels, a redhead with a voice that could shake people’s internal organs loose, holds court with Sean O’Donnel (of Reeve Oliver) every Monday at The Blarney Stone Pub in Clairemont. Jack Johnson fans might want to check out Donavon Frankenreiter, a mellow acoustic cat who – surprise, surprise – is also a pro surfer. Bubbletoes worked with Frankenreiter on his new album, and the newbie’s been booked for the 2004 Bonnaroo Festival in Australia. He’s opening for O.A.R. at Jenny Craig Pavilion on March 4. (If we were mean, we’d suggest exiting before O.A.R. gets the frat party started.)

Troy Johnson- San Diego City Beat
- Troy Johnson

"Living on a Prayer"


Four years ago Sage Gentle-Wing was walking across the street in Austin, Texas, with a guitar strapped to his back and a political song in his mind he titles “Free Tibet.” He was stopped by a couple of men in the middle of the street and asked if he was homeless.

One would think a musician on his way to a writing contest who had just gotten back from a tour in New Zealand would have taken offence. But, Gentle-Wing isn’t your typical musician.

“I told them I was living in my van.” Gentle-Wing said, “I couldn’t talk to them because I was trying to win some money.”

Gentle-Wing did end up winning the contest and then later talked with the two men who stopped him on the street. They were filmmakers making a movie tilted “Have you Seen Clem?” and were interviewing street musicians and the homeless. Gentle-Wing approved and sang his song “Angel Down” in a parking lot of a coffeeshop down the road. The segment was a part of a multitude of shots the filmmakers were shooting across 27 states.

The movie follows two men, each with their own hidden agenda. Clem used to be a successful businessman until a banker screwed him out of $10 million. Now as a destitute man on the street, he hatches up a plan for revenge, which includes a trip halfway across America. Along the way, Clem meets a homeless man whom he somewhat employs to help him. On their trip, they meet up with various homeless people and street performers.

It’s been described as a “Docu-dramedy” since it fuses together the three genres – documentary, drama and comedy – into one crazy film.

The project has been four years in the making and since the Gentle-Wing has traveled the country in his van doing various gigs. At the time of this interview, Gentle-Wing was still living out of his van.

“Yeah, the filmmakers gave me the film and some CDs to sell to help me out,” Gentle-Wing said. “I’ve showed the film wherever I can.”

Prior to the screening Gentle-Wing will play a quick 45 minute set of some of his songs and talk about his experience doing the film. The albums he was given are a collection of the street performers (and a couple choice transients that had some interesting, though irrelevant, things to say) and will be sold at the event.

It’s easy to label Gentle-Wing as homeless or even a bum, but it would be more accurate to call him a wanderer. Even his last name points to that description.

“It means walk gently upon the earth with winged feet,” Gentle-Wing said.

There is talk of foreign and even domestic distribution for the film, but until those dreams become a reality, Gentle-Wing will be wandering the Earth with a guitar on his back and a film about homelessness in America in his van.

You better catch him while you can.

- Eddie Shoebang – College Times

- Eddie Shoebang-College Times

"Sage Rocks!"

Sage Gentle-Wing Rocks
event of the week - A Fiesta For Children Celebration

Until recently, a lot of music festivals were about voting and now that Election Day is past us, it’s nice to see something people really care about. You can listen to a plethora of bands as the raise awareness and money for groups aiming to prevent child abuse. Some of the performers set to be at the festival are Horticulture. The Wild Angels Band, and CT’s favorite traveling singer/songwriter Sage Gentle-Wing. That’s right. In you show up to the office to tell us we rule, you’ll be a favorite, too. As of yet, Sage is the only one giving us props and that is why he gets love

- Eddie Shoebang – College Times

- Eddie Shoebang-College Times


" March of the Drum Spirits" 1989 CD -Out of print

" Portrait of the Artist as a Complete Unknown" 1996 { cassette-out of print}

" 12 Degrees of the Heart- CD released 2000 { out of print]

" Roadside Revelations - CD released APRIL 15th 2007

"Lovin' Those Haight Guitars Compilation , various artists 2008

"Best of Phoenix" 2008- a compilation fo 18 artists from L.A and Phoenix Az put out by the Phoenix Music Awards - promo only - not for sale

Many alternate version cuts from the Cd + rarities and b sides can be streamed at: }
or buy the Cd sold at
or digitally downloaded on itunes ,

" Best of 2008" _ not for sale- includes Sage's track ' Thanksgiving Day"

Best of Phoenix 2009 Cd Compilation- features " "Layin' Your Heart on the Line"



A True Child of the 60's , Sage grew up opening for such artists as Janis Joplin { with Big Brother and the Holding Co}. , Moby Grape, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and the original Buffalo Springfield , as a drummer in a local San Francisco rock band in 1966 at the famed Avalon Ballroom.
40 years later he's still gigging non stop- as a guitarist / Singer/ Songwriter with something to say, opening for such acts as Jason Mraz, Janiva Magness,Tristan Prettyman, Shooter Jennings / Stargunn , Gypsy Soul, Mark Spoelstra ,Reckless Kelly,Quiet Riot, Mark Erelli Kris Delmhorst , and Paula Nelson,to name a few, and having the dubious honor to be beaten by American Idol winner Jordin Sparks several years ago in the Alice Coopers' Christmas Puddding Finals, which he has made finalist 4 out of 5 years up to 2008.
Recently nominated " Best Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year" in the 2008 Phoenix Music awards,he also WON the producers choice award for the same event and his song " Thanksgiving Day" was placed on the awards sponsored compilation CD " Best of 2008" alongside 17 other artists from Phoenix and L.A. beating out 10,000 submissions.
Narada Michael Walden { producer- Aretha Franklin , Mariah Carey , Whitney Houston , Stevie Wonder...} offered to re-cut one of Sage's song's and that is pending right now.
He also was a winner in the sonicbids sponsored song contest " We call this Music Fab" in 2007 and Placed two out of three submissions.
His journey can be found described at length on his personal website at .
Currently he lives with friends in Tempe Az and gigs solo at night throughout the valley at venues such as the famed Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, Electric EEL, Dragonfly Cafe, Ground Control and other local hotspots in The Phoenix valley area.
He can be found sitting in on electric guitar with local musician Al Ortiz, { Stevie Nicks, Johnny Rivers, Bernard Fowler } has backed up Luther Jackson { Michaels' uncle } { Playing guitar with} the Arizona Alligators on New Years Eve 2009 . Luther ,who used to have a band with his brother Joe { Michaels father} in turn backed up Muddy Waters and many other iconic blues stars in Chicago in the 50's.
Sage has written hundreds of songs and none of them are filler.
His new CD " Roadside Revelations" was released in 2007 on and and boasts a "Full band " arrangement of his songs.It has been fully recorded by local icon Terry Garvin, and has been mastered and packaged through OASIS.
Sales on this CD have been brisk and reviews glowing.
Recently _ {July -Sept 2010 } ASCAP listed his Song from this CD { Litany Of Saints", as having recieved 38,506 plays on internet radio , within a two month span along with a nice little royalty check!
The sound of Sage's acoustic and electric guitars ring true to his live solo performances as do the vocals.
This album will take you back to a time when songwriting was about CRAFT and not just "sounds in a machine". It will also remind you of the early Beatles if you are old enough to remember the 60's as they really were.
Sage's LIVE acoustic shows however expand to include many , many styles and sounds that have been described as "brilliant" , "transcendant"and "inventive".
Sage 's former guitar teacher from the 70's is the world class jazz guitarist,Tuck Andress. {Tuck and Patti}.
Sage seeks to bring a measure of Tucks' finesse to his own playing, thus setting him apart from the average " singer/ Songwriter tag.

In 2008 Sage was invited to contribute an original track to an upcoming compilation CD : Lovin Haight Guitars" produced by Billy Cioffi and Olivier Zahm of Electric Lotus Studios in Phoenix Az.

Sage sometimes performs with his band " Sage Gentle-Wing and Runaway Train," drawing from forty years of playing in a vast array of musical circumstances. Recently, They hosted Tom Politzer, Tenor Sax for the Oakland Funk icons TOWER OF POWER at a local concert in Scottsdale Az, who sat in for a whole set.
in 2007 a 'LIVE" version of his song ' Song For Beatrice" was included on a locally produced CD compilation " Live at Rula Bula Open Mic" - the premiere showcase for valley talent in Tempe Az.
Also two live cuts " Simplicity" and When We Choose Love" made it onto a benefit concert CD for local performance venue " Fiddlers" Dream coffeehouse.
Sage was a brief member of " THE TRAVELLING WILDBERRY'S - a Travelling Wilbury's tribute band with a twist- it's fronted by Ukelele Ray- a fender endorsed recording artist who once sold several ukelele's to George Harrison.
Sage contributed backing vocals on several Harrison/ Wilbury's covers featuring the ukelele which was released under the fender label called " If not for Uke" before Ray moved to Las Vegas to perform regular showroom gigs.
Sage was invited to play the Ear Candy Stage at the 2008 McDow