Imagine its across between Pink Floyd and Rob Zombie. The quartet comes with an advanced knowledge of their instruments, switching deftly through odd time signatures reminiscent of Rush or Tool, but with a flavor all their own as any great and lasting band of the last two decades.


A darkened stage full of mist, glowing zodiac-like symbols, and backlit by a mysterious nebula synthesizes the unknown. From the P.A. system, a mindless voice announces, “SagittauruS will begin in ten minutes.” It’s disturbing, almost pretentious, yet somehow totally intriguing. The suspense builds. Finally, with an enormous surge of sound and flickering bursts of light-like gamma rays from some astral anomaly—the four erupts…into something almost classical, like a Requiem Mass done electric, surprisingly sensitive and melancholy, but pleasant in an odd way, and too short to get comfortable with. Suddenly, the mood is smashed with a building of drums, rhythms, and tribal angst that explodes into a “Monster,” a hard-hitting rock ballad that seems to be about madness, medication, life, and the universe. And all this without a singer. If you want to know what it is, you’ll have to come be apart of it.


3 song demo. Song include: "Pocachuka," "Widget," and "Transmatic."

Set List

SagittauruS's set is approximately 8-10 songs about one hour long. No cover songs. Songs include: Transmatic, Widget, Monster, Stone Henge, Hard, Smeff Code, Pocachuka, Slow Strech, Recipe for Destruction, and Rual Fiction.