Sahedra Amen

Sahedra Amen

 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Soulful!!!! The lyrics and vocals of a true artist touching and reaching the hearts of people through out the world.


Born soulful, Sahedra Amen is Neo Soul’s best kept her secret. Her current single “Silly Me” serves as both a journal entry and a confession. “I want sisters to know that they are not alone. Love isn’t always easy” she explains. “It’s about submission from both the man and the woman in love.

The super talented singer/songwriter is about all about things that are embedded in truth, evolution, and soul. You can hear it in the hooks she writes and for hip- hop artist. You feel it in her voice when she sings. Whether she is writing Blues or Country you know that there is goddess in her.

Born the youngest of three children, Sahedra was always a star. “I wrote my first song when I was nine and I intend to write until I am ninety. This is not about money.” She contends. Her work is constantly being compared to the likes of Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, and Erykah Badu. “I have my own voice, my own platform, but it is an honor.” She smiles shyly.

Traditionally, trained at Talladega College it’s no wonder her music saves souls and teaches lessons. A woman of many voices, Sahedra has been recognized for singing classical, gospel, jazz, pop and r&b. Her latest project, I Didn’t Mean to Start a Revolution is packed with passion, truth, and life lessons. This highly anticipated album will leave all secrets revealed.


Silly Me

Written By: Silly Me

Basically we try to be
more than just friends
silly me
how could it be


Silly Me, Cosmic Sistah, Ancestral Chant and Everything

Set List

My set list range from classic soul and R&B, Pop and Country. The most requested songs are "I'm Going Down' (Mary J Bligue), Neither One of Us, Pround Mary, etc.