Saida Allen, CBT

Saida Allen, CBT

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Breath Awareness is a guided meditation designed to assist you in realizing the full potential of using your breath as a valuable tool throughout your day to help alleviate stress, ease tension headaches, inspire creativity or open energetic pathways, to name just a few of the many benefits.


Saida's desire to assist individuals in their creation of a true state of health lead her to study Therapeutic Breath with internationally known teacher, Dan Brule. She balances her practice with essential oils, herbs, nutrition and the body movement therapies of Yoga and Chi Kung.


Cameo appearances by Saida are found in several educational DVDs produced by Twilight Vintage Inspired Therapy Systems and can be viewed on You

A sample of her unique style can be heard on the Breath Awareness page at

Set List

Saida, along with the Twilight Consultant and Education Team is available for workshops, shows and retreats. Workshops can range anywhere from 1 hour to full 2 day retreats.