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Said The Whale

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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EPs - Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia
(released June 3rd, 2008)

Singles - This Winter I Retire
My Government Heart

Radio Airplay - This Winter I Retire
Banks of the English Bay



Call me Ishmail,

When the moon was young and the month was May I came across a great animal seven leagues off the shoals of the Grand Banks, amidst high winds and high seas. For nineteen days we’d been sailing, and ne’er the sight of anything larger than a dolphin, let alone a Blue over twice the length of our schooner. Ezekiel guided the skiff in alongside the Great Beast and I raised my harpoon to plunge into the depths of the beast’s heart. But ere I could draw my hand back, a most remarkable thing happened: the mouth of the great whale opened wide and it spoke unto me, as if it were human. “Think twice before you take my life,” it said “for to take my life is to take a piece of your own as well.” I paused momentarily, more in shock at the clarity and resonance of the beast’s voice than at the profundity of its words. “But what pat of my own life, oh great whale, could possibly be lost through your death?” I queried the talking cetacean. The whale paused and then retorted: “The part which has felt the warm air on its back through a thousand summers. The part that has lain in the cool grass and gazed longingly into the early morning stars. The part which hears a symphony in the lulling roar of the ocean. The part of your heart that will forever feel young.”

I paused to consider the beast’s words, but as I did so, the elusive creature plunged downwards once more into the depths of the ocean, leaving me to ponder its words. I stood with one foot on the gunwale of our skiff and proclaimed aloud: “What does a beast of the depths know about the soul of a man?” To which the whale aid nought, but breached the water at he bow of my skiff, and opened wide its yawning mouth. Out of this great cavity emerged two dark figures, each of whom carried guitar in their hands. “The soul of each man is captured in his song.” Said the Whale.

The collective brainchild of Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft, now recently turned five piece band Said the Whale is as much a product of Vancouver’s tremendous natural beauty as it is of the city’s budding independent music scene. With a solid fan base accumulated from a litany of previous bands (My Buddy Dave, The Millionaires, WordsOverMusic) Said the Whale are quickly winning over new fans with every show. Their unique blend of eclectic indie rock captures the essence of what it means to be young, free, and occasionally heartbroken in your early twenties. Theirs is the sound of a thousand summers spent lying under a star filled canopy in the middle of a field. Original, incisive, and destined to set the independent music scene on fire, it is the sound of Said the Whale.

- Hamish Van Der Ven