Saidu Ezike

Saidu Ezike

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A merge between Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Jay-Z with real messages. Known to make people's jaws drop. Some of the truest hip hop you've heard in a while. In addition, I perform with a live band which means shows are live!


Saidu. He wasn’t making the progress he wanted to as a teacher. He also felt as if he had missed his calling to be a hip hop artist, was unhappy with the decisions he had made in life and even struggled with depression. Despite this, knowing that he was approaching his last months of being 25 years old, he decided that he would do whatever it takes to achieve his goal of being a successful hip hop artist. During the summer of 2012, He recorded “The Essence,” his first real mixtape which was released in September 2012 to favorable reviews. As he began to promote this mixtape, he began to feel that he had a place in the music industry and acknowledge that it may take time but that it is very possible for him to blow up.

As a result, Saidu has been taking advantage of every performance and networking opportunity possible. Along with the heavy workload of his high performing charter school job, he performs at showcases, his own shows, open mics or cyphers every night to help improve his skills and build his fanbase. There are many times when Saidu will do a show in a shirt and tie because he wouldn’t bring a change of clothes to the show. Saidu continues to work extremely hard to achieve his dream and although it may take time, Saidu is showing that he is ready to rhyme with the best in the game…


Single: "Clockwork" prod by B.DURAZZO [Selected to be on the EMPIRE STATE MIXTAPE hosted by Power 105.1's DJ Suss One and Z100's Mo' Bounce] admist numerous other smaller awards - October 31, 2012

Mixtape: "The Stash" - October 8, 2012

Mixtape: "The Essence" - September 14, 2012

Set List

1. Gritty
2. Deal with the Devil
3. Jackin' for Beats
4. Adultery
5. Mood Swings
6. Clockwork
7. My Grind
8. Science of Popularity (one verse)
9. Lolo Jones