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The best kept secret in music



Hamilton's electro-punk entry is the raucous Sailboats Are White. Combining the talents of Kevin Douglas (who gives the finger to enunciation and delightfully engages in zombie-like shouting) bassist Matt Bourassa and a drum machine cranked to a healthy b.p.m., the group have released a rightfully boisterous mix of lo-fi '77 punk, power chords, lithe hardcore and stealth beats. Everything is bloodied and scratched, especially the almighty "The Fourth Finger Of My Left Hand," a devil-lusting mother-of-a-number that'll make you feel like you've just been disemboweled twice. Even sweaty aerobicizing rhythms give up to primal screaming, reminding us that even pretty white sailboats sometimes need to be set on fuckin' fire. - Brian Wong


On first listen, Sailboats Are White's debut LP reveals choice influences ranging from The Germs to The Boredoms to The Fall. Beyond that, Hamilton's SAW (who shouldn't be confused with the recently released film Saw 2) have some extra goodness going for them in that their sound toes the line between arty prog and punk rock, thus keeping them satisfied by their own snottiness, while also satisfying the pliable ear of the indie-rocker. Their choice of drum machine as drummer doesn't take away from the songs and sometimes makes them spazzier; they also use some really well placed "heys" to punctuate the songs. Very strong. - NICK FLANAGAN


Although this will undoubtedly inspire many a Canadian letter I have to say the, besides Simply Saucer, I can't think of another band from Hamilton, Ontario. Anyway, Sailboats Are White are some snotty young kids from Hamilton who don't know that Sailboats Are White is an awful name and that bands without drummers really aren't good. Good for that because their ignorance is your gain. 12 ripping blasts of rock so punk that you don't mind the drum machine. Good times and the perfect antidote for anyone sick of the current bloated, pretentious Canadian fare. - Dave Martin


Like a drunker MC5 with no drummer, Hamilton, ON's Sailboats Are White kick out the jams drum machine-style, knocking over every table in the room during a scramble for the bar. Opening with a blast of '80s punk in "Congratulations on the Goddamn Cherries," the band immediately move into some strange sonic waters that, at times, sound like Big Audio Dynamite hopped up on amphetamines. The vocals of Kevin Douglas are strained to the point of exhaustion, and by the end of the record's fourth track he sounds ready to pass out. Thankfully, he doesn't, and the band blast through eight more tracks of electro-punk fury, pausing only occasionally to take a big swig from their respective bottles. - Sam Sutherland


sailboats are white came highly recommended by my pal nick. some things i gleaned from their myspace: 1. they're from hamilton, ontario, 2. they use a drum machine and 3. they cite devo, six finger satellite and big black amongst their influences. those are some pretty fucking big shoes to try to slip into, but they're doing a great job of playing the fun, noisy, herky jerky stuff. and they do it without really ever falling into cliches (it happens like maybe once). i hafta say i prefer the snotty voice to the screamy screamy voice. and the artwork on their record heavily features a very cute kitty. for more info about that record go here. - DAUGHTERS OF INVENTION


Alan McGee — the man responsible for Creation Records and signing Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Oasis — has added Hamilton post-punk, disco-rock noisemakers Sailboats Are White to his Poptones label.

"Intense rock 'n' roll motherfuckers from Canada," is how the Sloan fan describes his latest signing. "Reminiscent of Public Image Limited, Big Black, Black Flag… if you don't love this, you are wrong. Prepare to be destroyed."

Poptones will release Sailboats Are White's Turbo! album worldwide this fall, except for North America. The record has already been issued in Canada by Let's Just Have Some Fun, which will also release it in the U.S. on May 2.

Keyboardist Chris McInerny recently left Sailboats Are White "to enjoy the simpler things in life," according to the band's website, and has been replaced by Joel Smith. He joins guitarist Kevyn Wright, bassist Matt Bourassa, singer Kevin Douglas and a drum machine.

After rocking The Boat during Canadian Music Week, Sailboats Are White will tour eastern Canada with Lullabye Arkestra next month. They'll go to England in the fall to support their Poptones debut.


This group didn't waste getting to the point. They jumped right in with heavy guitars, bass, keyboards and a drum machine. A punk band without a drummer? You read correctly and these boys definitely do just fine without one. This is some of the most danceable punk you'll ever see live and perhaps the most dangerous. - CHARTATTACK


Turbo! (FUN001-2) - CD/LP
UK - Released by Poptones
North America - Let's Just Have Some Fun
Australia - Low Transit Industries

Veto Compact Disc Maxi-Single (HISS004)

The Pirate's Life Anthology 2xEP(TP019)

Pirate's Life II: The Organ Donor EP (TP018)

Pirate's Life EP (HISS003)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hamilton. What the fuck? A city that is a hour outside of Toronto, the streets full of violence and crack-addled street people. Unsure of whether you are going out for a coffee, you’ll get your coffee or get stabbed, Hamilton is a violent place. That scream on the street. That blood trail on the concrete sidewalk from the post-Saturday night blues.

And Sailboats Are White are from Hamilton. A city of surreal violence and Sailboats reflect that within their music. When Poptones first encountered Sailboats Are White, it was opening up for Modey Lemon, the club full of kids, re-enacting the Decline of the Western Civilization against a pounding electronic backbeat and lead singer screaming out all the blood and violence of their city.

‘We are all pretty passive guys ... but when we get on the stage to kick out the jams ... things turn seriously violent. Maybe its the opression of the city. The city is sick. And that sickness comes out on stage when we play’.

Having made their name in Canada with a series of blistering live shows with AIDS wolf, The Gossip, We are Wolves, The Peter Parkers, The Organ and Kaito, they will be making their way over to England in the Autumn to spread the Sailboats rock’n’roll virus and rock that shit out.

Big Black and Black Flag are the influence. But those are accidental. Talking to the songwriter, Kevin Wright, he mentions, The Fall and The Human League or any band from the post-punk scene ‘We don’t care about punk rock, we care about being good.’ Unlike Junior Boys and Caribou aka Manitoba who hail from the same area, they are electronic by accident’ We’ve got a drum machine but that’s by accident. We had a drummer but he flaked out for a few shows and we got the drum machine in … we kept it because you can get a solid abrasive aesthetic to our sound which is pretty cool.’ But that makes them electro-merchants. Retro-fashionistas without merit? Wrong. Their debut album ‘Turbo!’ is no denouement into velvet roped off A-listers with bowed heads over white lines and mirrors. Sailboats are White shoot everything around them with their single action trigger of retro-retard hip hop and white trash audio- tribute to ‘‘77 proto-electronic freaks Suicide, ‘81 American Underground punk rock and the replication of the harsh post-punks of Bowie occupied Berlin.

You knew the future of pop was going to be harsh. You knew it was going to happen.