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"The Worlds Best Hypnotist!" proclaims MTV Europe! Sailesh is one of the busiest hypnotists entertaining millions all over the planet! Sailesh uses comedy, improv & music creating "THE BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR!" Be a part of the Sailesh experience!



The future of live entertainment and comedic hypnosis is here... and his name is SAILESH!

SAILESH has taken the art of live entertainment and slammed it into the twenty-first century. Performing five to six shows a week, Sailesh is hailed as the premiere hypnotist choice by numerous organizations all over the WORLD!! Globally, he has been dubbed as the THE BEST HYPNOTIST and his live stage shows have been compared to a cross between a rockin' frat party and a huge concert. Sailesh has created a very spectacular show taking audiences and participants on a fantastical interactive journey using hypnosis, improv, music, and a whole lot of laughter!

Sailesh is on a passport heavy 2011 schedule! He has nominations for America's Best Campus Artist for Live Novelty/Variety and he is also up for Best Entertainer of the year! All this news has created a huge buzz all over the world. Sailesh is scheduled to tour Europe, Asia and South Africa. Along with his jam packed college tour schedule, Sailesh is also honored to perform for Bamboozle at the Meadowlands in Spring 2011. The overwhelming response to Sailesh's first show at Bamboozle was amazing. Sailesh is the only performer invited back to the festival and perform alongside Bruno Mars, Lil' Wayne, Motley Crue, Wiz Khalifa , Taking Back Sunday and many more!

MTV Europe has named him the 'Best Hypnotist on the Planet', and with over 10 Million combined hits on You Tube, you can see the interest that his performances have garnered globally. With accolades from media from throughout the U.S, Sweden, England, Canada, Iceland, Finland and all points in between Sailesh is proving that his shows can work anywhere. In Europe, his documentary and live show DVD has sold extremely well. Isleifur Thorhallsson from Global Event Network stated, "We've done
many shows with international stars and Sailesh is one of our biggest successes ever. In addition to putting on a truly magnificent show, that was a huge, huge success and completely sold out, he is the nicest and most professional performer we have ever worked with. I can't praise Sailesh and his show enough!"

Sailesh has taken the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) by storm, being selected again and again by higher education advisers and students to showcase his talents at all seven of their regional conferences. In 2009, Sailesh was the first hypnotist to showcase at NACA's National Convention and received accolades for his outstanding performance.

This year, Sailesh has been selected to showcase at the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) National Conference and the NACA Northern Plains conference!

Originally from the beautiful Fiji Islands, Sailesh and his family migrated to Canada when he was a young boy. Now Sailesh resides in sunny California with his wife and son. Sailesh is a certified hypno-therapist and has been practicing hypnosis for over fifteen years. Sailesh is also owner of Metropolis Management, a talent agency dedicated to working with one-of-a-kind entertainers.

Sailesh has the uncanny ability to make the ordinary into hilariously unbelievable and his show has broken ribs due to uncontrollable laughter. Reinventing live entertainment, Sailesh captivates his audience with each command. Performing skits such as ‘Rubber Body Parts,' 'Celtic Dancers' or 'Breath with Your Shoe'. The audiences are brought to a euphoric high with laughter and anticipation of what may happen next. The extravaganza can last up to two hours and is completely interactive so everyone gets a piece of the action. The true stars are the willing volunteers who continuously amuse and amaze the audience for the entire duration of the show. You choose the parental ratings while giving participants the option to express themselves creatively! The show is high energy, high laughter and all in great fun.

Having Sailesh as part of your entertainment is an excellent ch


SAILESH in Iceland-DVD documentary

SAILESH Hypnotherapy Sessions include:

Motivation and Meditation
Stop Smoking
Weight Loss

Set List

Show is 1.5 to 2 hours in length. Show includes music
Some examples include:
The Jerry Springer Show
The Dating Service
Trip to Mars

**Please note that the show content changes**

G (family, clean show)
PG-13 to R (some language and no nudity)
R - Uncensored (language and no nudity)