Sail Oceana

Sail Oceana


Sail Oceana is the sound of a blanket of ambience with rock rhythms dropping in at appropriate times


Sail Oceana is a five piece rock act from various parts of Northwest Indiana that began in February of 2007. The previous mixture soley featured Fernando Ramirez on vocals until Scott Voss joined in December of 2007. Enduring few linup changes, the band has found itself a permanent member formulation with the current individuals. In August of 2007 Adam Rogers moved from bass guitar to doing experimental midi control and using a stage piano to add ambience to this unique blend of rock and roll. Focusing on more spacious sounds in music, Sail Oceana pulls influences from such acts as Circa Survive and Minus the Bear for more airy and ambient rock music. Combining that with acts like At the Drive In and Thursday for harder and driving rock rhythms, Sail Oceana has completed their unique formula. Striving to be that which is not common is what makes this band use such classic musical theories such as 3/4 time signatures and a waltz in Vigilante Architect. Set apart from the traditional screaming and over-saturated bridge parts found so frequently in modern rock music is what makes Sail Oceana's story untold...


Spring Demo
-Easier Said than Done
-Indie Pop Song

Winter Demo
-John Mclain (in progress)

Set List

1. Antonymn
2. A Night with the Sirens
3. Two Oh Four Six
4. H.L.Edwards
5. John Mclain
6. Vigilante Architect