Sailors & Swine

Sailors & Swine


"They bash out a set of country-fried death rock that would make Nick Cave and Towndes Van Zant punch holes in their coffins." (Inpress Magazine - Australia)


Sailors & Swine bring together some of Melbourne's finest musicians in one rum-soaked collection of souls that have been eating alive Australia's most hallowed stages.

Formed from the ashes of the brooding Moscow Schoolboy, guitarist Nils Arnold and vocalist Billy McCabe lashed together Owen Eszeki (Bit By Bats' songwriter in chief) and Vijay Singh (from The Process) and immediately had a group to eclipse anything that had preceded them. Equal parts dark and shimmering, light and abrupt, Sailors & Swine recall the furrowed brows of their past heroes and anti-heroes and meld it all together into a feverish live show that have brought them a staunch following in record time.

Built around chiming guitars, lurching, emphatic lyrics, sprawling bass lines, and pounding drums they are the newest signing to Melbourne's boutique label of darkness, Spooky Records. Their debut LP 'All Hail The Drunken Liar' is the result of a committed, energetic, yet swift writing process, creatively molded in the studio over a couple of months to produce a result that makes the listener feel that some songs could easily nestle in any of Australia's most revered underground albums.

"All Hail The Drunken Liar" will be savoured by anyone who looks towards the shadows to find the light."


Miner's Bride

Written By: William McCabe

I woke up my head wrapped in chains
my breath cut with razor blades
her sunburnt body next to mine

drank last night together on the stairs
talked bullshit in the summer air
slept wrapped like snakes

woke to the sound of brisbane rain
fallen hard on iron roofs
to the pounding in my head

i tried to leave without waking you
left you sleeping like a miner's bride
you smelt like cigarettes and sweat

left your house through the mangrove vines
followed the river down made it just in time
for the last ferry home

I left you sleeping
like a miner's bride
covered in mosquito bites
and red dirt
and it get so bloody cold way down south
I remember your sunburnt body next to mine

I left you sleeping
like a miner's bride
covered in mosquito bites
and red dirt
and it get so bloody cold way down south
I remember your sunburnt body next to mine

leaving tomorrow
we were done and dusted
and I remember you hate goodbye's

The Birds

Written By: William McCabe

this is an unforgiving land
with a riffle in his hands
stale bread and shots of rum
in the shade of those ghost gums

he's hiding in these hills
for blood he did not spill
and a man he did not kill

bird birds birds rip out his eyes

they say that he shot his boss
old man william cross
riot at four crow station
an innocent man a false accusation

with the tracker on his heels
the sargent make's no deals
the road too freedom be
the road to the hangin tree.


Written By: William McCabe

This night was born
with drink in it's viens
arrow of madness
shot straight to the brain
breath smelt like death
proposition on sex
one eye still seeing
the other one has left

you are the stranger
in your own mind

no memories created
inabition or fear
just a lunatic dancing, fucking
a sympathetic ear
orgies and prayer
friendship dispear
for one more time around
in the hour of fear

you are the stranger
in your own mind

where do hide little son
when the killing was done, where you there
where you here
Or in the blackout


All Hail The Drunken Liar - July 2008 - Debut LP

Set List

Short Set - 30 minutes
Long Set - 1 hour