The Sails of Whydah

The Sails of Whydah

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Intense and original electronic rock. Incredible experimental vocals and instrumentals - some songs are upbeat and get the crowd moving - some are very downtempo and chill. A really wild and exciting show.


Our voyage began in 2008, founded by musician and producer, Tristan James, and inspired by a pirate crew who sailed the waters of the Atlantic in the early 1700s. The Whydah, a three-masted slave galley, was captured by pirates and manned by an unusual motley crew made up of former slaves, Indians, and sailors of humble origins. Each crew member was considered an equal and shared in the duties as well as the plunder; the ‘captain rules all’ attitude was absent. The Sails of Whydah project took this name because, like the sundry pirate crew, the band is made up of a number of rebellious artists who are all involved in the song writing and recording process. We explore the world, united by the dream of freedom and liberation from the confines of an imperialist society. Band founder Tristan James is an artist, signed to Proletariat Productions, Chicago’s socially conscious record label. He started this project with the goal of creating music made collaboratively with Chicago’s local community of artists and activists.


Mass Genocide

Written By: Tristan James

Mass Genocide - 2010
Lyrics/music written by Tristan James

How can we believe
that we're not wasting time
Is this how it's going to end, standing here in line?

The flock is cornered,
we can't hide
We must get up and fight or face the mass, mass genocide

A war on terror
A terrible war
Wait until the terror's knocking on your front door

'Cause when you say
it's right to take their rights away
They'll be coming back for yours the next day!

Mass, mass, genocide
Last, last, lass class genocide

Destroy the world
in the name of liberation
But we've never known freedom in our own nation.

And who says
that freedom can't be free?
'Cause I would steal it 'fore I let em try and charge me

So what now?
Let ‘em finish the job?
Would you have let the Reichswehr finish the job?

They call it wrong
to question their views
It's right to rebel when power lies with the few.

Mass, mass, genocide
Last, last, last class genocide


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