Saimen is a belgian (Brussels based) singer songwriter who aims to write melodic fingerstyle guitar music and catchy pop songs


His music originates from emotions and experiences in his life. As a medical doctor he worked for one year in the intensive care unit of the Royal Darwin hospital in Darwin, Australia. He started to write music when he lived there in 2004 and has continued to do so after his return.


will time simplify you

Written By: simon van hooland

Will time simplify you?

Verse 1 :
I don’t envy you
Can’t agree with your point of view
Reality is at stake, in your world
Wake up late at night
After a crazy fight
Only to find out in a sad way
That love’s been washed away

Will time be able to simplify you
Remove all your complexes
Make you someone who relaxes
Will time be able to simplify you Make you more easy going
Like in the movies they’re showing

Verse 2
Troublesome mystery
Drives you into extremes
There’s nowhere you can hide except downtown
Tell me what’s on your mind
What you will hope to find
When all hope is lost
In what will you put your trust?


In this haze there’s no reluction
Just get me outa here
It is time to start resist seduction
But will it disappear





In june 2004, a live album with Fil-saimen (+ special guest Eric Melaerts) was recorded in the main auditorium of the Stuivenberg Hospital in Antwerp.
Some of Saimen's music can by found on a priomotional cd for a belgian novel called "Hete Roman" (which means hot novel) written by Dorothy Ravier (Ars Vivendi bvba 2006) and is for sale in the belgian book stores.
His current project is his new band, called Asmara.
They have an EPK aswell on:
The band is currently recording their first album in Brussels. The cd will hopefully be released in february 2007.

Set List

5 instrumentals and 10 or 12 singer songwriting tunes