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Sain is a Hip Hop Artist that is dedicated to empowering the music industry With over 10 years of experience, he provide knowledge and game changing potential needed to thrive in today’s music industry which is why his motto is Damn the Man. Play the Music.


27 year old from Cincinnati reside in the Price Hill area. he been to hell and back and hell again, rather he was locked up or just out trying to push his music Focused on accomplishing greatness and leaving an empire for his one and only son so expect a lot. he currently holds a high school degree. The first of my moms 2 sons to accomplish success . Anything else you wanna know you a be able to find it in his music...


2009-"Ready for it" (2,631 copies sold)
2010-"Cincinnati born" (7,213 copies sold)
2011-"Lab Rat" (20,745 copies sold)
2012- In progress

2011 Ohio artist of the year "Winner"
2012 Ohio artist of the year "Nominee"