Saint Abroad

Saint Abroad


Saint Abroad are a 3 piece ambient pop outfit with influences from Passion Pit, The XX, M83. The band worked on the track "Obsession of You" with vocalist Alexa Merlot who is a regular collaborator and friend of the band. The track is typical of their line of pop songs that pack an emotional punch.


Saint Abroad came together in early 2012 confining themselves to a small rehearsal space where the motto has been to nail the song above all else. What has emerged is a group of songs born out of an obsession for the craft, laden with hooks and melodies that tug on the heartstrings and evoke powerful emotional responses. Releasing an EP in March 2013, the band have big plans for the year.


Obsession of You

Written By: Tony Nugent, Michael Caroll, Ciaran Maloney

It's only your face, I see here

You said your name and I made you smile,
We roamed the party and we talked a while
And since the day there's been nothing but,
Thoughts of you inside my head,

Im stuck in this obsession of you
I don't want it to end
I'm stuck with this impression of you
And it rambles in my head

It's only your face I see
It's only your face I see here
Its only your face walking at your own pace
Only one that I see, beside me

I heard your story and your history
Revelry cutting every street
I took a shot when you said to me
You're moving away to a far away street