Saint Bernadette

Saint Bernadette


If Joan from "Mad Men", finally sick of it all, dropped everything, called up some handsome young gentlemen and started a rock band, it would sound something like Saint Bernadette.


Fronted by femme fatale vocalist, Meredith DiMenna, Saint Bernadette perform super-heated, 70’s inspired, powerhouse rock and roll, employing catchy melodies, soaring harmonies and rhythms heavy enough to force the savage to the surface of any civilized soul.

With a broad palette and colorful appetite for absolutely every form of music, Meredith has been compared to an impossibly diverse list of power females like Shirley Bassey, Peggy Lee, Johnette Napolitano, Joni Mitchell, Joan Jett, Beth Gibbons, Grace Slick, Velma Kelly, PJ Harvey, and Billie Holiday, as well as the occasional man, like Robert Plant, Greg Dulli, Jim Morrison, and “that guy from the Scissor Sisters”.

Just as the real Saint Bernadette changed the future of her hometown of Lourdes forever with her unexplained visions, Saint Bernadette, the rock band, is poised to put their homebase of Bridgeport, in the ill-considered state of Connecticut, on the independent music map.

Their debut album 'In the Ballroom', recorded in three days in Bridgeport’s abandoned Bijou Ballroom, featured anthems for ethical sluts, Daddy's girls, and hookers with hearts of gold, while their sophomore EP “I Wanna Tell You Something” featured big hooks and twisted circus melodies, detailing a journey of longing through temptation, despair, whimsy, audacity, and vulnerability.

Their immediate follow-up EP “Word to the Lourdes” was an assault of rock-pop gems drawing comparisons to none other than AC/DC.

In early 2010 they did a limited release of their most ambitious album to date: “Cover Thy Neighbor” which features cover versions of songs written by other local artists and personal friends of the band as well as a re-imagining of the 10 Commandments. It also features an all-star line-up of guest appearances including Fuzz (Caravan of Thieves, Deep Banana Blackout), Carrie, Ben and Brian from Caravan of Thieves, Jesse Elliott of These United States, Jar-e, Joe Roberto (Poverty Hash, Gnu Fuz), and Tim Walsh of The Stepkids.

Reigning supreme among the Bridgeport rock scene, the band has earned a laundry list of dubious titles including “Best Indie Band” as voted by the readers of the Fairfield Weekly and top honors in the “Battle of the Bands” at Hamden’s The Space.

In 2011, they will release their fifth album, as yet untitled, produced by Danny Kadar (My Morning Jacket, Avett Brothers).

Saint Bernadette's debut is a shimmering set of torchy, if not necessarily romantic jazz blues that reveals additional layers the more it's played. . . . Turn the lights down low, burn some incense, and lose yourself in Saint Bernadette's intense yet lithe charms.


The debut album from Connecticut's Saint Bernadette hits the sort of notes and touches that make me weak in the knees, by expertly melding things I'm a sucker for: ballsy broads, smoke-filled jazz clubs, and, of course, the element of surprise.


If you're a fan of femme fatales and below-the-belt rock (and really, who isn't?), Saint Bernadette is definitely worth your attention.


. . . Meredith DiMenna is a monster of a front woman.


Grace Slick-meets-Edie Brickell vocals at their most haunting.


Watch out Shirley Bassey. Meredith DiMenna of Saint Bernadette wields an old-school femme fatale voice that would be perfect for the next 20 years of James Bond themes. . . .



Love is a Stranger

Written By: Meredith DiMenna

You wanted your life but you gave it instead
you're living it all
only half in your head
Your mind is inscribed with the words that you said
In time you will find other words to be read

You wanted your life but you gave it away
Everything you desire
Everything play
Nothing contains all the words that you say
You gave it
Then you gave it away

Love is a stranger
You care too much to cry
Love is a stranger
Keep my disguise
Love is a stranger
Everything I've tried
Love is a stranger
Turn on the light

You don't need my love tonight
Baby, I don't want your sacrifice
Give a little bit of love tonight
Give me my peace of mind

In the Time of Moses

Written By: Meredith DiMenna

In the time of Moses

Where the apple presupposes

That everybody learns that they got to know this

It’s still an outside diagnosis

That the human condition

Takes a chance on tradition

Wishing the future stays a day away

Cuz when tomorrow never comes

We’re all still waiting for the drums

Instead of hearing what the trumpets say

In the time of Moses

And through the days of wine and roses

It was on the stones that the doctor wrote this

It was the rocks that he got to roll this

He’s just a holy magician

With the crystal ambition

Wishing the water wash the past away

But when tomorrow never comes

We’re all still waiting for the drums

And dreaming about yesterday

Cause every man that I meet just wants to own me

Cause every man that I feed just wants to be alone

Roll me over baby

Suck me dry

Because we’re out of control

And everybody is high

I got nothing left for you baby

Everybody’s just been trying to save me

I don’t know what I want

I don’t know what I need

But I don’t have time for your bleeding

In the Next Go Round

Written By: Keith Saunders

I don’t know how
To keep keepin’ on
I don’t know why
You try and keep me down
If you were born In this life of mine
You might see why
I cry and cry
I’m so afraid
Of what they might say

And I don’t know why I even care

We get so lost In this world
There’s no where safe
For a modern girl
But the world goes round
Again today
This life won’t stop
For you no more
I just can’t wait

And I don’t know why I even care

I’m off your plate
In the next go ‘round
Who’ll take my place
In the next town?

We will be strong
We will be great
But we can’t go on
Livin’ in this way
So now, so long
We’re movin’ on

And I don’t know why I even care

Take it if it's Yours

Written By: Meredith DiMenna

Well if I’m yours then take me, baby
Don’t make me work so hard
If it’s just a dream then wake me, baby
Stop me before I get too far
Because it can’t be true that a man like you
Would refuse
An honest offer like mine
And it ain’t right when a man, with the world in his hands
Pretends he doesn’t need somebody at night

If you’re gonna run, then escape me, baby
Just let me watch you as you go
I’m lookin for a driver who can pace me, baby
And when I see him I just know
Sometimes I move too fast before the question’s asked
The moment’s passed
Before it’s time has come
But it ain’t right when a man, with the world in his hands
Missed the getting without getting some

Don’t chase me
I hate to be chased
It’s just a waste of energy

I can’t erase it
just let me taste it
You’ll see how it’s got to be

take it if it’s yours
take it if it’s yours

No strings
No strings
You’re free to come and to go as you please
And all I know is it ain’t right
No, it ain’t right
It ain’t right when a man, with the world in his hands
Pretends he doesn’t need somebody tonight

take it if it’s yours
take it if it’s yours

Close Enough for Me

Written By: Meredith DiMenna and Keith Saunders

It wasn’t what it seemed to be
But it was close enough for me
I don’t need to wonder why
You don’t need to apologize
For days and days you occupied
All the corners of my mind
It wasn’t love or meant to be
But it was close enough for me

I gave it all mistakenly
You didn’t want so much from me
Just an outlet for your charm
You didn’t mean me any harm
For days and days we justified
Didn’t want to say it’s a compromise
It wasn’t a catastrophe
But it was close enough for me

I should have known this
And I do
But I was haunted
By you
I don’t need to say this
But I will
I swear I’ve learned my lesson

Green turned brown on city trees
Wind turned cold like you to me
The next time you feel so inclined
Don’t leave this memory behind
Telling me you didn’t mean
To disappear and leave the scene
It wasn’t an apology
But it was close enough for me


New Untitled Album
To be released February 2011
Produced by Danny Kadar (Avett Brothers, My Morning Jacket, Jar-e)

LP - covers of friends and associates
RELEASED in limited edition in 2010

Jesse Elliot of These United States
Fuzz and Carrie of Caravan of Thieves
Tim Walsh of The Stepkids
Joe Roberto of Poverty Hash

April 2009
Exotic Recordings
Produced by Josh Kessler

"Owner Things" SINGLE
July 2008
Buffet Libre

"I Wanna Tell You Something" EP
January 2008
Exotic Recordings

"In The Ballroom" LP
October 2007
Exotic Recordings
recorded July 2006 in three days at the historic Bijou Ballroom
produced by Chris Sanchez (The Fever)
mixed by Peter Katis (Mates of State, The National, Swell Season)

Set List

Nobody Wants My Kind Words
Wrap it Up
I Can't Add You to my List
Lay me Down
In Between
One In a Million
Hard To Believe
No Dreams
Tell Me Why
Love is a Stranger
Beat Dialogue
Already Gone