Saint Bernard of Love

Saint Bernard of Love


Without love, SBOL wouldn't exist. Sad songs, off-kilter sounds, heartfelt lyrics, upright bass drum, Melodica, alcohol, LOVE. A show promoter once described SBOL this way: "a home-recording afficianado, Mike makes the sweet and strange sounds, like a DIY zine collage version of Arab Strap."


Saint Bernard of Love is predominantly Michael D. Wieland, a room full of toys and guitars, and a love of folk, '60s pop, experimental rock and lo-fi recording, and a stack of stories about broken relationships and absent loves.

SBOL's live performances are like intimate variety shows, best experienced from 5 feet away, cross-legged on the floor of small rooms. Mike's recordings strive to capture this personal atmosphere.


First CDR: Pray For Us
EP (recorded with a friend, under the moniker "the Communal Heart E.P."):
(not out yet): You Left a Stain On Me

Set List

Mouth of the Meek
Flophouse Blues
Small Victories
Family (the Friends You Don't Choose)
Don't Call Me When You're Stoned
You Get Around
Don't Forget About Me
We Are Walked Upon

I have about 30 playable songs altogether, but usually keep my sets to around 8 songs, which works out to about 30 minutes. I can easily play longer (or shorter) sets, however.