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Lake City, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

Lake City, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Christian Rock


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Cry Out Loud
Holy Spirit

Great material. Well recored and good arrangment.. A&R Select - A&R Select


SAINT-DA-FIED has their first CD coming out with Alien Patrol Records, called " Is This The End? " It will be realest summer of 2012.



Saint: A holy person (in this case, a Christian)

Da: An attitude of

Fied: For all eternity

Saint-Da-Fied = Christian attitude forever

Led by enigmatic frontman Reverend Matthew E., Saint-Da-Fied, stands out like a lighthouse in a sea of musical darkness.
None of the members remotely look or sound like a traditional Christian band is supposed to look or sound like. In the Appalachia area of Tennessee where they call home, a lot of fundamental, old time religious types judge the band because of their sound and their appearance, and that ‘don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover’ contradiction is perfectly captured in the presence and spirit of Reverend Matthew E.

With his soul-piercing blue eyes, neatly trimmed beard and small frame, he’s no sultry, brooding Rock ‘n Roll bad boy, but what he is is an honest to God, turn-the-other-cheek, white collar-wearing minister with a sinister set of vocal pipes singing for a band whose mission is to show lost souls the way to Heaven.

Christian Mountain Metal – as these God fearin’ boys from Appalachia call it –is what they churn out musically, a potent blend of ferocious twin guitars by Dean Baird and Dustin Lambdin, earth-shaking bass and drums by Jake Hentz and Mike Clabough, with the revelatory Salvation-drenched lyrics and blessed vocals of the Reverend. Heck, their ‘Christian mountain metal’ fits right in with modern metal, Nu metal, alternative rock and whatever other label fans and the record industry tags on hard rock music.

The lyrics of Saint-Da-Fied, on the other hand, are all about showing punks, Goths, stoners, ravers, rockers, rednecks and metal heads that God’s grace and eternal life are found along the path to redemption instead of the road to self destruction.

“We feel as a band and in our ministry if it saves souls, then let it be,” Reverend Matthew says. “If it’s screamo or metal, or if it’s us playing for a bunch of tattooed, long-haired kids, those kids today are the church of tomorrow.”

Long before they joined together in their musical mission, they were simply five music-lovin’ dudes from Tennessee and Georgia , until one night when a spiritual awakening of sorts washed over Matthew while touring with his father’s country band. Matthew says that the lyrics of one of the artist’s songs referenced God and alcohol, and were so contradictory to what he believed in his heart, that he was moved to not only walk away from a potential record deal and start his own band but to devote his life to ministering to kids. Saint-Da-Fied was what he called the band, though the music then was closer to R&B than the heavy mix that now leans more toward Pantera and Buck Cherry.

After completing the seminary, Matthew –now Reverend Matthew – recorded a demo for the band which included a cousin of Toby Mac, original founding member of DC Talk. At Toby’s urging, Reverend Matthew re-tooled the band, but it was much more than that …Saint-Da-Fied is a musical and spiritual force that will rock your face off in this world while laying before you the pathway to get your eternal soul into the next world.

From the emotion-filled wailing vocals and four-on-the-floor musical assault on “Let God Break You” to the anthemic “Put A Little God In It” and the host of other rockin’ tunes flowing out of the Saint-Da-Fied boys, they’re proving one song and one fan at a time that faith-based bands can mop the musical floor with the best of ‘em while not just showing kids a good time – they’re showing them a better life.

Whether they’re playing for fans or for people who may be downright hostile to the idea of a ‘metal’ band singing songs about God and Heaven, Dean, Jake, Mikey, Reverend Matthew and Dustin all say their goal as a band is to instill one thing in a captive audience… Hope.

“We want them to realize that they are not alone in this world,” Dean says, “To know they’re not fighting a losing battle.”

“We want to be a light to people who are lost in darkness,” Mikey says, echoing Dean and his bandmates. “When we play, the energy and awesomeness of God comes down and changes lives.”

Reverend Matthew says he received a message not long ago from a young female fan that moved his soul and sent his spirits soaring.

“The girl had listened to a short song clip of ours online, and was so profoundly moved that she had to write me and tell me that the one-minute and fifteen second sample and the message in it literally changed her life.”

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