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Saint Diggidy, not to be confused with St. Diggidy or Street Diggidy is a hip hop truth teller, a word smith with a message for the mind as well as the soul.


Charles Bridges Jr. a.k.a Saint Diggidy started writing poetry at the age of 15, by the time he reached the age of 18, he joined a hip hop group called the Council. During his tenure with the group, he learned many things about the industry of music, such as performing before a live audience, basic recording and engineering, sound reinforcement, among other industry related tasks.

Saint Diggidy is a lyrical genius reminiscent of the songwriters of the Motown Era. Born and raised in Detroit, Charles Bridges Jr. was exposed to Detroit’s thriving gospel music tradition having grown up in his family’s church which was a Church of God in Christ. Highly influenced by his early commitment to the Lord, Saint Diggidy helped to form a gospel rap group with friends. He chose the moniker “Saint Diggidy” to go along with how the congregation would address each other. Being part of this group allowed Saint Diggidy to sharpen his writing skills and explore subjects that fellow youths could relate to and use his message to guide his peers in a positive direction using the rap genre they were familiar with. Saint Diggidy and the members of the Council performed live throughout the Midwest and Canada for churches, school events, and shined in hip-hop showcases. Although the Council intended to make a positive impact on the souls of children and adults alike, the “rap/hip-hop” label was not then, and still is not widley accepted by traditional gospel purists, who associate the gospel rap genre and hip hop culture with that of its secular counterpart.

Saint Diggidy and members of the council began to feel the pressure from the clergy as they were no longer invited to participate in church sponsored events. In his own words, Saint Diggidy said "It was like...doc, they were saying that rap music is the devil's music, and we can't combine the two [gospel and rap]. We started to feel like outcasts man”. The group felt trapped in between two genre's when they only wanted to be pioneers of one. Secular rap artists didn't accept them of their "gospel" label. With that came the decision to leave his gospel rap group and go solo into secular music. Saint Diggidy said of this move "dudes used to try us like we can't rap just because I go to church, you know?, and I'm like...I'm from Detroit first, and I'll eat these dudes alive on this battlin".

Producer/keyboardist Ike P, Saint Diggidy's cousin, began crafting original soundscapes for Saint Diggidy to draft classic soulful hip-hop songs. In 2005, producer/songwriter Steven Fair and Jeremy 'j-seezie' Seaton added their musical talent to the team of musicians.

Saint Diggidy joined the community empowerment organization New Day City, USA and made a vow to "dream, plan and execute" a power musical force.

In early 2006 Saint Diggidy began recording at lightening speed, feeling highly blessed by the Holy Spirit. He is the featured artist appearing on ity-Detroit's "New Day City, USA v3, The Coronation" Young Kier's "Keep Yo' Head Up, Get Yo' Bread Up", "The Elevation Level 1 & 2" and his own "The Signature" is a tribute to his international Martial Arts crew known as "Cord of Gold".

Currently Saint Diggidy studies the Brazilian martial art form Capoera from Masters, and also teaches Detroit youth the techniques he has learned. He continues to perform at international "CDO" conventions, and functions as their official songwriter. Saint Diggidy already has fans Worldwide, and gains more with every show he is slated to appear. He says " I feel, I'll be able to reach more people...touch more souls if I'm out in the world showing people that it's okay to love God, and people see that, so I keep it true, and make good music so my people can feel it. With God on our side, we can't lose". More info on

In the summer of 2010, Saint Diggidy released a mixed tape entitled, "Detroit's Hottest Underground Voice", "The Best to Ever Do It" under the label Daleth Music Group. This cd includes cover songs that are a part of the 2010 Top 40 list.

In addition to his solo gig, Charles also performs with Detroits own “Flexx Band”. On a recent tour in Canada, he was a featured special guest with one of Detroit's hottest bands, "Flexx Band". This hot but humble band is diverse in it's musical styling. The Flexx Band includes members: electric guitarist Audi Jeter; world renowned saxophonist, Nick Stone; international drummer, Khali Douglas; bass player, Roosevelt Childress; pianist, Issac (Ike) Pippens; and vocalist, Artema Byrd. The band has created a sound parallels many of todays top urban/hip-hop rock songs.

Spring 2011, Saint Diggidy will release an album under his new label Daleth Music Group entitled, The Charles B Project. This highly anticipated album with capture an untapped market.


“Saint Diggidy” feat(Stevie Thunder)
Released 2005

“The Signature”
Released 2006

“The Best to Ever do It” – Mixtape Hosted by Scrooge Mc Duck
Released November 2010
Free Download on

“The Charles B Project” - Album
Spring 2011


• Leading Role "I Want My Music Now" (2000)
• "Prodigal Son" (2009)
• "Sin City" (2009)
• "Something in the Dark"(2010