Saint Even is a band with the big beats and fine melodies to match. With the reggae riddim section and an indie-rock melody maker, we move the crowd and catch them with our hooks. The new CD is built to listen in your car or headphones. Sounds like Art Brut meeting Damien Marley in London.


Saint Even sponged every rock, reggae, and rap sound between 1994 and 2008, and remixed it. We have played energetic sets in innumerable area codes, spreading dance and our records wherever we go. During a weekend tour in November 2007 we played 4 shows, two live radio sessions, and a 6 hour recording session.

That weekend we played to Indie-rockers at Zaphod's in Ottawa, an acoustic session on Ottawa University Radio, and then a late night sound system party in Hull, where we played our reggae tunes. The next day we went to montreal, our drummer got stuck in the Metro during a power outage, so we recorded to a click track. He came to the recording studio just as we were leaving for the radio. While Matt and Steve drove to the station, Nathan one-taked all the drums, cabbed it to the radio station, and met us for our on-air performance.

We then went to our first gig of the night, at La Sala Rosa. The crowd was mostly hip-hoppers, so Steve rapped in french for half the set. Then we ate Ramados chicken. If you're in Montreal, seek this bird out. At about 2am we headed to our next gig, an after-party in a loft on Saint Laurent. We played until four, packed our gear, and drove back to Ontario. That was one weekend tour in November, but Saint Even started some time ago.

The following is an exerpt from an interview in VIEW magazine in Hamilton, Ontario:

"I'm 24 now, and decided it was time to put
something to the public ear," explains Bick via a series of emails. "So most songs on this new Saint Even LP were selected from my EPs, as I write daily, and record almost as often. To date, I have released nine EPs in the last three years, but all really lo–fi, off the floor sort of things. I typically play all the instruments on the EPs.

The people that heard these EPs kept asking when my album was coming out. I thought that was a funny question at first, I was just compulsively writing and recording, but after thinking about it, I figured it would be a great thing to polish the songs that I like best and put them out on one disk with some fresh art."

With the help of local musicians, including members of Slow Hand Motem, The D'Ubervillies, Jen Militia and Frantic City, Bick twiddled down his collection of recordings into a taut few, set to
be released on his own Slip Records this week at The Casbah. A collection of songs encased in punk, lo–fi freak–out folk, rock and conscious hip–hop, Saint Even's self–titled EP is a long time
coming, but well worth the wait.

"This album was made for a lot of reasons," continues Bick. "I am trying to make a record that I would want to buy and listen to, plus I think it is the type of disc you could put on at a party and let it play through. Plus I have started a recording company and after a lot of mix–tapes and EPs, this is our first real release. I hope it will take me to places like NYC and London and Amsterdam and Halifax and Vancouver.

Musically, I was trying to bring something a little different, even though I know that is a whole cliché. The album has some odd time signatures, fast tempo songs, a couple of really popped out
tracks and some beat driven songs. I live for thick beats and bass, so there is lots of that too."

Many Saint Even fans have heard these songs before, including "Living in Skin," "Noon on the Moon" and "All We Got", but the recording techniques and musicianship is different. Plus the lyrics are compelling and in some ways, the strongest elements of the record. "The songs fit together in a new way," adds Bick. "There are a lot of different genres of music colliding on this
record and what ties them together is the words. There's a cynical side to all that I see, as I've always found everything to be humorous, laughing at un–funny shit." I try to keep it light though, as I really wanted to write a record that could be played front–to–back and make you feel good.

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2004 - Saint Even: Slangin' Folk Rocks
2005 - Saint Even Goes Apeshit EP (Surf-Core)
2005 - Saint Even: Mood Food EP (Reggae-Dub)
2005 - The Saint vs. The Sinna EP (Hip Hop)
2005 - Slip Records Mixtape: Twenty Oh Five(Various Styles)
2006 - Saint Even: Good (Various Styles)
2006 - Saint Even: At the Monk Inn (Acoustic/Country)
2006 - Saint Even: Slip Mix Two Kay Six (Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dub-step)
2007 - The Pangea EP (Indie-Rock, recorded in Montreal)
2007 - Saint Even : Diamond Vehicle EP (Dancehall Reggae)
2007 - Saint Even: Live at Wing Sang Sound
2007 - Saint Even - 2008 (LP)

Set List

We typically play 30 - 40 minute pop sets. We have, however, been known to play hour and a half, extended dance version sets if people are dancing. We try to tailor our set lists to the venue and crowd. If we're ignorant to the conditions of either, we bring the rock n' roll and the feelers. If people are feeling what we're playing, we keep on that train. If they're not feeling it, we'll gently flip to a different style, and eventually win everbody over. If I was playing the Legendary Horseshoe, this would be my setlist:

1.Living in Skin
2.Gone Home
3.High Road
4.Tread Light Green Light
5. 1500
6. Normals
7. Day Back
8. All We Got
9. 7/4
10. Noon on the Moon
11.Def By Dub
12. The Gun Dance
13. Vieux Dieu