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Asheville, North Carolina, United States | INDIE

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Interview with Jouniors Cave"

Interview with John Hardin from The Blackwater Prophets

Sometimes finding good music is right around the corner or in this case in my EPK (Electronic Press Kit) inbox on If you are tired of listening to the string of pop clones currently flooding our radio waves, then I have a treat for your ears. The Blackwater Prophets, founded by singer songwriters Jim Burgdorf and John Hardin are making a nice dent in the music scene with their unique background of classical, industrial, blues, country, punk, rock and southern Appalachian murder ballads.

When you are listening to their music, you are listening to stories being unfolded. This is something that makes their music appealing to music lovers looking for something that is genuine and real. The magazine is pleased to feature them on Junior's Cave and look forward to hearing from all of our readers of a band that deserves to be at the top of their genre.

Isaac-Joseph: Hello the Blackwater Prophets! Welcome to a New Year. How is everyone doing today?

John: Very well, enjoying a quiet morning in Las Vegas (if there is such a thing…)

Isaac-Joseph: Your music has a nice acoustical feel to it. What I really like about the music is that when you are listening to it I feel I am listening to a story being told. How do you approach your music?

John: I appreciate the kind words. It's difficult to describe my approach, I'm really not sure of how it works myself. I have been playing and writing music since I was 7. At the risk of sounding cliché, the songs seem to write themselves. It is as simple as breathing, I never sit down with any formulated ideas.

Isaac-Joseph: What aspect of making music excites you the most right now as an entertainer?

John: I'm not the most excitable person. I'm one of those annoying people who dwell on a fairly unwavering keel. The technological advances are interesting. The internet is redefining the industry in some profound ways, it is fascinating to be a part of the evolution.

Isaac-Joseph: What aspect of making music gets you the most discouraged you the most?

John: On an industry level the advent of American Idol and like minded entities have lowered the bar to a previously unachievable level. It is destroying any remaining bastion of taste in the mass market. It is disturbing to see these glorified karaoke night miscreants selling out arenas singing other people's material. There is a wealth of extremely talented musicians going unnoticed due to this trend.

On a personal level the most discouraging thing is the passing of Jim who began this project with me. Every song seems to be missing his energy and presence. It was a very difficult decision to continue. We had a very spiritual connection when we were working on our music. The lack of his contribution is very discouraging. We were as close as brothers, and in many ways we were brothers. I still can't play any of the songs he wrote, just doesn't feel right.

Isaac-Joseph: You have some new releases. Expound on your new project and what can we expect from them.

John: The debut Blackwater Prophets release is currently being mastered at Interstellar Studios in Pennsylvania. We will have it available at some point soon, hopefully by early summer. My industrial project Saint Famine Society has had a completely finished release sitting on the shelf for well over a year now. I am waiting for the right time to put it out. Recordings are like children, you need to raise them and devote time to them. I do not currently have the time to rehearse and tour two projects and not neglect one of them. The Blackwater Prophets is taking precedence right now. I will be back to screaming and breaking things with SFS at some point in the future.

Isaac-Joseph: What's the most unusual place you've ever played a show or made a recording? How did the qualities of that place affect the show/recording.

John: I love playing or recording in Ireland. Geographically speaking I guess this is not that unusual, however the outcome was effected exponentially. The intensity and attention of the audience there is remarkable. They actually pay close attention to lyrics down to the inflection in which they are delivered. Recording there was a beautiful experience, sipping Bushmills and Guinness and doing what you love. It was a series of perfect moments. This said… I have a recording of a show 20+ years ago where I insisted on wearing only a backless hospital gown and combat boots. As I recall I was temporally upset with a drummer and it seems I felt it necessary to make him look at my blinding sour cream white ass for the entirety of our set. Somewhere in the third song I got fatally tangled in my guitar chord and fell off the stage, there was an audible applause when I ended up naked on the ground with the gown over my head. It's a horrible cassette recording, but it always makes me feel that beautifu - Jouniors Cave


Wirehead- Automation 1993, Wirehead music
Wirehead- Real Radio 104.1 (central Florida) Real Music Compilation 1996, Real Radio
Saint Famine Society- Burn/Fade 1998, Damage Control Entertainment
Saint Famine Society- Self titled Release 2001, Damage Control Entertainment
Saint Famine Society- Reissue including “Silver Halo” 2004, Damage Control Entertainment
Saint Famine Society- New National Anthem Compilation 2004, Invisible Records/Underground Inc.
Saint Famine Society- Thorn -limited edition blue vinyl Crabworks Records

Upcoming Releases

BHANG LASSI Summer 2012



Saint Famine Society was formed in 1995 and has spent a decade and a half recording and performing at some of the countries most legendary venues (including CBGB and The Continental). After a long hiatus they are back with new material and performing to packed clubs. They have earned a solid reputation for their incendiary live shows and unique song-crafting. During their career they have shared stages with nationally and internationally recognized artists.

The current lineup consists of founding member John Hardin who also heads the acoustic based project "The Blackwater Prophets". During the SFS hiatus he performed solo throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and at industry showcases in the US.

Penelope Zing has been a part of Saint famine Society for the past 11 years singing and playing bass. She is involved in many other Asheville, NC based projects including PAWTOOTH.

Fred Hensley is the full-time drummer for the band Mindshapefist. They have performed with many internationally respected bands and headlined some of the regions largest clubs. he has toured as a live drummer for Saint Famine Society from 2004 to present.

Derek Daniels is a transplant guitarist from the San Diego, CA metal scene.

The New Release entitled "BHANG LASSI" will be available in 2012