Saint John the Gambler

Saint John the Gambler


Saint John the Gambler is an Alternative Folk quartet with sensuous violin/accordion combo, pulsating trumpet and emotive vocals. They've got eloquent ballads, explosive energy, outstanding musicianship, and a spirit that forms a bluesy gypsy piracy that's vivacious and beautiful.


Saint John the Gambler is a Montreal-based Alternative Gypsy Celtic Industrial Tango Blues Folk Pirate Country Fusion Indie Rock Band. With the use of guitar, violin, trumpet, accordion and vocals it makes for a unique and highly eclectic sound. And with members from Ireland, United States, France and Canada SJG has a wonderful mix of traditions.

SJG first hit the stage in Seoul, South Korea in May 2006 as a seven piece acoustic ensample. Performing on the university scene and to the ex-pat community the band developed a loyal following, releasing their debut self-titled EP in March 2007. The band was invited to perform at the Hi Seoul International Festival in Itaewon, South Korea the same year. By the time Trains for the Sea, the full-length debut album, was released in December 2008, SJG had gone through several member changes and a strong shift in musical direction to a more mature alternative sound. Following the success of the album release Baker left Korea, moving to Montreal, Canada bringing the name Saint John the Gambler with him.

SJG, now as a four-piece band, has built a fine reputation in Montreal, playing in bars and cafes to appreciative audiences. From a fusion of various cultural traditions, outstanding musicianship and Baker’s contemporary songwriting Saint John the Gambler have forged a musical genre all their own.


Trains for the Sea (2008)
Self-titled EP (2007)

Songs from the EP have been heard on Dublin South 104.9FM, Ireland
Songs from Trains for the Sea have been heard on eFM 101.3MHz, South Korea

Set List

1. Blue Eyed Blues
2. Throw a Fish
3. Give Me Trains
4. Bitch & Bones
5. Dirty Auld Town (Ewan McColl)
6. Stigma
7. Back to Dublin
8. Somehow
9. Why Do You Do What You Do?
10. Lack of Consciousness
11. 500 Miles (traditional)
12. Another Stranger Plays the Muse
13. Saint James Infirmary (traditional)
14. My Home Is A Safety Net
15. Raggle Taggle Gypsy (traditional)

SJG perform one or two 45 min sets shows, plugged or unplugged with 90% original material.