Saint Lips

Saint Lips

 Rome, Latium, ITA

Critically acclaimed in Italy Saint Lips is taking on the USA, one set of ears at a time. Led by the sexpot Valentina's sultry vocals, they easily meld the heat of the Velvet Undergroud with the alt-pop edge of The Strokes. Creating a 21st century sound while tipping their hat to the 70's and 80's.


Hi we are Saint Lips. We are a five piece band . We are Valentina Barletta ( voice ),
Marco Simoncelli ( guitar ), Antonio Di Girolamo ( guitar ), Fabio Falaschi ( bass ) and
Valerio Galassi ( drum ) .
We formed in 2006 and we have recorded our first work called 'Like petals' at Pisa's West Link studio with the skills and experiences of Alessandro Sportelli, Alessandro Paolucci and Leo Magnolfi .
'Like petals' has been produced and mixed by Alessandro Sportelli, Alessandro Paolucci (Raw power) and Marco Simoncelli .
You can find our cd in Italian stores distributed by Edel .
Our album has been distributed in USA stores by Renaissance Records/Koch Records . We worked with producer Bobby MacIntyre ( Twilight Singers, Mark Lanegan drummer and producer ) on our second album called 'Charm' .
We recorded in Officine Meccaniche studio in Milano in January and we completed our recording sessions in Studio71 in Miami during the months of February/March. Our mastering has been realized at Capitol Studios by Rob Vosgien in California. Had great guests on our album as Mike Garson ( David Bowie's piano player ), Whitey Kirst ( Iggy Pop's guitar player ), Scott Bennett ( Brian Wilson's musician ) , Lorenzo Corti ( Cristina DonĂ  guitar player ) and Manuel Agnelli, Giorgio Prette, Rodrigo D'Erasmo from Afterhours, the most important Italian rock band.
You can find 'Charm' distributed in the US by No more fake labels.
We have been band of the week on BP Fallon's radio show and play at Greasy Lips night at Jamm in London for Alan McGee's night.


"Like Petals" LP 2009
"Charm" LP 2011