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Saint Nik

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A "DELIVERED & CONVERTED" thug, gang-banger, drug dealer, drug user, whoremonger, liar, and slickster testifying of the Power of GOD unto Salvation in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Praise to My Triune GOD -- Abba, Father; the Sovereign, Supreme, Infinitely Wise Creator of Life, Love, and Liberty. -- My Big Brother; My Savior and My Master, the Redeemer of my soul, the Restorer and Giver of Life and Life More Abundantly. -- My Holy One; the Comforting Counselor, the Convicting Corrector of my errors, Teaching me Truth, Righteousness and Holiness. LORD, You are My LIFE and My very EXISTENCE! You are WORTHY!

The DEDICATION of this CD (especially track 11) is dedicated to my Mary Magdelene, the woman who brought me the Gospel (and Lifestyle) of Jesus Christ --- Worthy White [July 18, 1918 - August 14, 1982]. Worthy White is my Great Grandmother, my 'BIG MAMA'!!! As I recollect, Big Mama almost "lived" on her knees. Oftentimes, I still smell the Ivory soap she bathed me in, the Winn-Dixie ground beef burgers she cooked for me; but most of all, I recall the Love of God for humanity that she instilled in my heart (Jesus Christ).

Now, I AM a 'DELIVERED' thug, gang-banger, drug dealer, drug user, whoremonger, liar, and slickster testifying of the Power of GOD unto Salvation in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. GOD has allowed me to graduate from college as a Valedictorian in Early Childhood Education in 2003. In fact, history was made because I AM the "first male" to graduate from Pensacola Junior College in this particular field. Also, I AM a member of the PHI THETA KAPPA (International Honor Society of the Two-Year College), a member of the National Dean's List, and I was chosen as the "Teacher of the Year 2002-2003" at Gulf Coast Christian Academy. I taught school for 3 years: 2 years at Gulf Coast Christian Academy and 1 year at New Dimension Christian Academy. I drive commercial trucks, now.

I am currently the UnderShepherd of my ministry, "from Boys with Toys to KINGS and PRIESTS". I Spiritually (according the GOD'S WORD) mentor and mold young men from the ages of 7 to 17. I intend to keep them from making the same 'foolish' choices and decisions I made. Along with this ministry, I also go to our local jailhouse (Escambia County Jail) and teach Bible Study on Thursday nights.

In my spare time, you might find me doing a number of different things with my hands: changing brakes on automobiles, baking homemade cakes and/or pies, or educationally tutoring someone's child.

BUT, through it all; GOD will "always" receive ALL of my PRAISE, HONOR, & GLORY!!! For HE and HE ALONE IS WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Black Sheep

Written By: Saint Nik (N'Kosi L. Jones, Sr.)

Black Sheep

Black Sheep, Black Sheep, of my family / but;
Jesus washed me clean with the Blood on Calvary . . .

You said that I wouldn’t, but I would / you said that I couldn’t, but I could / now, take another look / you can’t judge a book by its cover / there is none other / me and GOD, Lethal Weapons, like Mel Gibson, Danny Glover / my Big Brother / shed, His Precious Blood, to cover / all of my sins / never lose, always win / willing and obedient servant all the way to the end / and every time Satan comes at the knees, I will bend // got to receive power / don’t know the day nor the hour / if I slip, quickly repent / and go take a shower / in the Blood, on Noah’s Ark, out of the flood / Oooh! Look!, here comes the Holy Spirit, like a dove // standing above // keep my enemies, as my footstool / no longer crimson stained, I’ve been dipped in the pool / it’s called Shiloam, while I’m trying to make Heaven, my home / never alone, always picking up the phone, calling Home / Jeremiah 33:3, direct connect / not sweating judgment day, keep, myself in check / swabbing the deck / pleading the Blood of Jesus to avoid a wreck // because the wages of sin, you know, is still death / you thought I wouldn’t make it / my Promised Land, I’m gone take it / ‘cause I’m true to my Lord, never playin’, never fakin’ / breakin’ every yoke, snatchin’ down every stronghold / because You are my Shepherd, Lord, please take control . . .


I used to pistol play / toot that ‘caine, smoke that hay // run them streets, zoned out, all night and all day // until, Demascus Road, where the Lord took control / I understood, I’m a wretched, lost, dying, weary soul // so, sick and tired of my life being messed up / when father, mother forsook me, Lord, you took me up / to another level, my Light shining like a Bezell // so glad you delivered me, from being such a rebel / turning on the Potter’s wheel, transformed from a Hellian / and because of Your Grace, now, I’m One in a million // a bold Apostle, ready to Go and spread the Gospel / to every creature, every nation, even though the world is hostile // must present my body, a Living Sacrifice / ‘cause I realize the fact, that You gave me Eternal Life // to no man, I will never, ever bow / to you doubters and you haters / how ya like me now?


Now a converted man, walking out Your Holy Plan / obeying Your every Word, although I don’t understand // Grateful for the change / because Heaven is my aim / lift Your Holy Name, whether the sun shines or it rains // got my mind right, I intend to keep it tight / not doing my own thing, Lord, You’re the Head of my life // no longer living schife, ignorant, neither trife / on a Mission, soaring high as if I am a kite // renewed Strength like a eagle / rolling smooth like a Regal / doing damage to all evil, like that man named Knievel . . .

Jesus Comin'!!!

Written By: Saint Nik (N'Kosi L. Jones, Sr.)

Jesus Comin’!!!

Jesus Comin’, Jesus Comin’,
Jesus Comin’, Jesus Comin’,
At the sound of the Trumpet!!!

Jesus comin’, at the sound of the trumpet / while ya doin’ all that stuntin’, for ya homies steady frontin’ / betta get like Forest Gump for the altar start runnin’ / cease from them trickin’ schemes and them plots that be cunnin’ // go ahead, drop, down onto your knees / holla, PLEASE, Lord heal me from this sin-sick disease // ‘cause in Hell, they be blazin’ like them Swishers, filled with trees / but I’d rather be in Heaven, chillin’ with Prince of Peace // Triple 666 is most definitely the mark of the beast / don’t play with GOD like you’re goin’ to Church, just to Trick-or-Treat // with ya mask on, early Sunday morn’, singin’ ya song / after ya done stayed out and party hardy, all night long // you know ya wrong, He’s comin’ / and it won’t be long / stop bouncin’ ‘cross the fence, back and forth, like a ping pong // it’s time to stop lettin’ the devil, deceive, play with ya brain / confess CHRIST with ya mouth, and in ya heart let HIM reign . . .


In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye / it’s much too late to ask why, once He parts the Eastern sky // and touch down on Mt. Olive, there’s no time to weep and cry / pay attention to the time, know His comin’s drawin’ nigh // or near / that’s why I’m tryin’ to make it crystal clear // stop and listen to these words, while they piercing your ear / it is the Judgment Seat of Christ that you truly need to fear / don’t burst Hell wide open tryin’ to hang and follow ya peers // don’t take a chance, with ya life, nor with ya last breath / ya don’t know where, neither when, neither how, you will face death // JESUS is the Answer for, every one of Life’s Test / you choose, Blessings and Life or either, curses and death / the choice is up to you, where you will spend Eternal Rest / see, there’s Heaven, then there’s Hell / there’s obey, then there’s rebel // walkin’ on the streets of gold, or in that fiery-pit hole // ya got to make your own decision, what you’ll do with ya soul // it’s sooner than you think / REPENT, and give CHRIST full control // say LORD I give my life to You / for You to brake, and shape, and mold // because I accept the Fact that in da Blood of Jesus, I’ve been sold / now fill me with Your Holy Ghost, so I can Holy Roll . . .

I Shall Not Be Moved!

Written By: Saint Nik (N'Kosi L. Jones, Sr.)

I Shall NOT Be Moved!

I shall not . . . I shall not be moved /
I shall not . . . I shall not be moved /
Just like a tree, that’s planted by the waters /
I shall not be moved . . .

Why don’t you lend me your ear / so I can make it crystal clear // I’m rooted in the Holy Rock/ and I ain’t goin’ no where // understand what I’m sayin’ / I ain’t jokin’ I ain’t playin’ // all about the Great Commission / demon spirits I be slayin’ // I’ve gotta go, get up, gotta march, gotta step / somebody outside these church walls need some Help // GOD is no respecter of persons, so why should you be / Jesus, shed His Blood for everybody on Calvary // I’m not ashamed of the Gospel, it’s the Power of Salvation / goin’ to the blacks, to the whites, the Cubans, even the Asians // what a sensation!! // because I’m Holy Ghost filled, Holy Ghost sealed, Holy Ghost real / you know the deal // made up mind, with no doubt / gonna scream and gonna shout / gotta go tell the whole world, what Jesus Christ is all about // preachin’ on this Holy Groove / to no man, nothin’ to prove // no compromise, with the Gospel / I shall not be moved . . .


Just like Job said; you sound just like a fool / Jesus, Lord of my life, lettin’ Him reign, lettin’ Him rule // no lookin’ left, no lookin’ right / waitin’ on Strength, takin’ flight // way up high in the sky / I am the Apple of His Eye // I am a Bold, Ambassador / I’m representin’ my Master, ‘cause // He endured Calvary / just to set my soul free // game over, Satan / we won the game by 3 // Father, Son, Spirit, He is the Holy Trinity // it is the Anointin’, that, destroys every yoke / run up on me, devil, it is the Scripture that I quote // better get back / because my GOD is never slack / ‘cause I made Him my Shepherd / I will never, ever lack // of His Promises / the vision plain, I take and run wit’ it // climbin’ Jacob’s ladder / Victory already won, ya dig / standin’ on Holy Ground / I shall not be moved . . .


I Shall Not Be Moved!
I Shall Not Be Moved! (screwed version)

Set List

1. Intro - Living Epistle
2. Who U C?
3. I Shall Not Be Moved!
4. I AM . . . Still Standin'
5. Black Sheep
6. The Great Commission
7. D.R.U.G.S.
8. Holy Warrior
9. Life Without An Education
10. Da' Projects
11. Who Is This Ma'an?
12. Jesus Comin'!!!
13. No Man Knows . . .
14. Outro - Whosoever Will???
15. It's War Time!
16. I Shall Not Be Moved! (screwed version)