Saint Phoenix

Saint Phoenix


Driving Southern Rock with an LA combover.


This is a very young but extremely strong band. It was started by a fluke meeting of Branden Powell and Jon Cowels at Musician's pro in Bowling Green, Ky while they were both drooling over Taylor guitars. They hit it off and started writing material and soon called Adam Dennis to come in and lay some beats down. For quite a while the band stayed a three piece with drums, guitar and vocals. At one of the first shows we were approached by Tracy Owens to fill in the bass position. By this time we had enough original material to go into the studio, and thats exactly what we did. We recorded our self-titled cd at Barrick Studios in Glasgow Ky under the supervision and genius of David Barrick. Now we are playing evry show we can get our hands on and selling cds right and left.


One release. Self titled Saint Phoenix

Set List

1. No Company
2. Hollow
3. Tun the Screw
4. You Simply
5. Green River
6. Okay
7. Restless
8. A.M.
9. Wake Up
10. Honest
11. Regrets
12. Beneath the Tongue

The set is all original and lasts from 45 min to an hour