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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | INDIE

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Funk


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"Naptown's got Somethin' to Say"

March 3, 2010

Brad Real and S.A.I.N.T. Recon will host a dual-CD release party March 6 at Bently’s. Real will release his debut album, “Married to the Music.” Recon’s album, “The Psalm Before The Storm,” is also its first.

S.A.I.N.T. Recon’s project is one of the more exciting ones to enter the fray. Jesse Reddington, a phenomenal multi-instrumentalist and producer, has enlisted many of Naptown’s heavy-hitters, including Ace-ONE, Mr. Kinetik and Defame, to contribute to “Psalm.” Jesse often plays bass and trumpet live at the stage shows, so this isn’t your typical hip-hop set. Recon has created the rare rock/hip-hop album that truly “rocks.”

Down the street at Locals Only, “The Revival” will also be taking place. Mic Sol has gathered diverse acts, including hip-hop super group The ProForms, the eclectic Andy D, and the dynamic TJ Reynolds. Pop princess MVL rounds out the lineup.

Both shows start at 9 and have $5 covers. If you are anywhere on Keystone Avenue this Saturday, that noise is us. Come through both these great shows if you can and support local music. Naptown’s got somethin’ to say. - Metromix Indianapolis

"Keeping It Real"

March 3, 2010

After first collaborating with Russ Johnson of the Mudkids on Johnson’s side project Lazarus, Jesse Reddington, aka Saint Recon, dived full force into the hip-hop scene. His newest project is the culmination of over a year of writing, recording, performing and collaborating — often with the emcees A.C.E. One, Mr. Kinetic and Rusty Redenbacher (Johnson’s alter ego). For live performances, Reddington plays bass guitar over recorded beats. But he doesn’t simply play four-to-the-bar bass lines. Reddington can simultaneously create chords and lead lines, providing the music with a propulsive power that keeps the energy high.
- Nuvo Newsweekly

"NUVO's Top Music Picks for the Week of October 21st"

Oct 21, 2009

The biggest thing the hip-hop artists on the Melody Inn's Friday night lineup have in common is a propensity for experimentation, to use hip-hop as a jumping off point for exploration. s.a.i.n.t. Recon combines the funk chops of bassist Jesse Reddington with hip-hop beats and loops to create an original hybrid of slaps and snares. Recon often employs the skills of top tier Indy emcees A.C.E. One and Rusty Redenbacher, along with sharp newcomer Kenetic. Grey Granite's gumbo of rap, rock samples and electro textures create a dance-friendly atmosphere. Yeti One/Lorax/Ded Flower (who release albums under the Red Bus moniker) are the emcees from Twin Monster and a Florida transplant taking creative tangents atop of crisp, sample-heavy beats. Random Art Projects features the adept, tongue-twisting, nerd-core rapper Id Obelus in front of a gang of four beat-makers/sound experimenters for a hybrid of improvisation and strategy. - Nuvo Newsweekly

"Both Sides of the Beat"

December 12th. What a night! I am sorry to say, but if you missed this show you missed something pretty big. There was so much talent underneath one roof, performing and not-performing. But you still have time to go to the Hostel and check out my artwork that is on display. Indy Hostel is such a great place. It is tucked away in Broad Ripple and if you aren’t looking hard enough for it you just might miss it. My art will be hanging until mid-January so head on out to the Indy Hostel before you miss out!

I created six new works for this show, seven including the s.a.i.n.t. RECON EP art “Psalm Before The Storm“. All the works were inspired by music in general and also partly the hip hop community.

Before I start my recap of the night, I just want to say big THANKS! to John, Gibson, and Neil for putting on such an amazing event. We are really fortunate that the Hostel, which is fully functioning takes the time to hosts events such as ‘Both Sides of the Beat’. I sure hope everyone else appreciated that gesture as much as I do. Also, thanks to s.a.i.n.t. RECON, Ligyro, Lorax, Dan Marquis, T.J. Reynolds and the Free Hand Orchestra, and Big Skittz for truly great performances. Alright, now for the recap!

The show took place in the main room on the first floor. I felt at home. I swear the color on the walls was the exact color I had on my walls growing up at my parents. The old hardwood floors took me back as well. Maybe someday I could find an old house to renovate and turn into my own.

A.C.E. O.N.E. and Kinetic from s.a.i.n.t. RECON performing their first acoustic set

This wasn’t just your normal hip hop show. This show included spoken word, some freestyle, and the first acoustic performance by s.a.i.n.t. RECON. If you don’t know about these guys, you need to get hip with it. It was just Jesse with his acoustic bass, and A.C.E. O.N.E. and Kinetic with their rhymes. It was crazy to see a hip hop group perform with ease without a big beat behind them. Those dudes didn’t even need it, their words kept the time. I couldn’t believe it was their first time doing it acoustically because it seemed pretty flawless to me. The crowd even helped out with some feet stompin’ and finger snappin’. It was one of those moments I couldn’t help but have a goofy smile on my face because it was just too good.

I hope there will be more shows like this in the future. Hopefully, next time will bring twice as many people. We need to share the love and creativity that is happening in Indianapolis. - www.nathanmonkart.com


"The Psalm Before the Storm" EP 2010



s.a.i.n.t. RECON creates its "prog-hop" sound by carving a snarling threshold for holding the interest of both rockers and hiphop junkies.

The group packs its repertoire with danceable, raw-boned jams that regularly win the crowd's favor. s.a.i.n.t. RECON is something truly unique.

Jesse, Ace, and Kinetik all met through ties with Rusty Redenbacher of the Mudkids. Ace made appearances on Russ' solo album 'LAZARUS' while Jesse played bass in the live band.

The primal s.a.i.n.t. RECON sound came from Jesse producing the beats, adding bass, and then throwing the tracks back and forth to Russ and Ace for vocal work.

They kept working until they had about 10 songs together and then began looking for gigs. Russ showed great support, but knew his heavy involvement with the Mudkids wouldn't allow him many opportunities for s.a.i.n.t. RECON beyond studio work, so he introduced Jesse to someone he knew would fit the mold; a relatively new MC in town: Mr. Kinetik.

The integration came swiftly. Kinetik's dedication and enthusiasm matched the momentum s.a.i.n.t. RECON had already built.

Within a year, the group signed a digital distribution agreement with Audio Recon, released three videos, an EP, wrote the theme song for 'The Absurd', recorded a full-length album for release early next year, and they show no sign of slowing down.

s.a.i.n.t. RECON pours every ounce of energy they can muster into everything they do, especially live performances. They step on stage with one objective: winning the crowd by putting on a high-energy performance that stretches beyond a traditional hip-hop set.

Look out for s.a.i.n.t. RECON as they're sure to tackle the next feat momentarily...

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