Littleton, Colorado, USA

Saints are Indie, alternative Rock. We are from Glasgow, Scotland, but reside in Denver CO. We are most often described as uplifting and heartfelt. We combine rock guitars with samples and strings, harmonies and stirring arrangements.


Saints are led by Glaswegian brothers Rob and Lewi Gault, who chose the city of Denver, Colorado to host their musical ambitions. Blaine Schult and Zack Martinson are two locals who make up the band.
Saints have been described as Brit Rock but they are much more than that. Placing a high emphasis on Melody and emotion, Saints seamlessly blend classic guitar rock with programmed synths, bass subs and orchestral arrangements resulting in a truly awesome and powerful sound. Saints are influenced by bands as diverse as Aerogramme to Oasis, the Beatles, the Prodigy and New Order.

Saints have played live extensively and have opened for such Major acts as The Smashing Pumpkins, Chevelle, Flobots, Green River Ordinance, The Paper Chase and Tickle Me Pink.

Saints have appeared on KWGN for a live TV perfomance. Saints also have been on Denver and Colorado Radio consistently since the release of the debut EP in 2009.

Saints have been championed by Scottish legend Billy Sloan of the Sunday Mail Magazine and Radio Clyde 1 FM.


Saints E.P. (2009)

Guiding Light - Played on Channel 93.3 Denver CO

Listen, Guiding Light - Played on Billy Sloan's show Radio Clyde 1 Glasgow Scotland

Colorado - Played on The Colorado Sound - Syndicated Statewide in Colorado.

Set List

Trying to Stay Alive
Guiding Light
Here Again
This Is How It Feels
Things Pass Away