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Littleton, Colorado, United States

Littleton, Colorado, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Saints E.P. Review"

I LOVED this CD instantly. I was actually sort of stunned when “Guiding Light,” the first song, started, having resigned myself to look for positive things to say about whatever I was about to hear – I honestly haven’t been in love with a lot of CDs lately. With Saints I literally had to find SaintsTheBand on Twitter and give a shout-out to the guys – Rob Gault (guitars and vocals), Lewi Gault (drums) and Blaine Schult (guitars). On Twitter I said: I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! And if you know me, you know I’m not at all like that. Not the gushing type at all. They are so very young and yet have gelled so well together as a band. You surely will be surprised such young talent is so tight. This EP should be all over KTCL and the rest of the world, what with the outstanding guitar riffs and Rob Gault’s fabulous voice, the obvious talent pooled instrumentally in regards to composition and melody, coupled with rare polish and true originality. (The production quality rocks, to be sure.) A small regret was that I could not find the lyrics online. With just a smidge of the sound of the sixties in there, Saints have a totally fresh sound all their own and are very strong, lyrically. To boot, this five-song EP sounds great as a unit, but the songs are not so much the same as to be evidence of weakness. On their MySpace they say: “We hope to uplift you and make a difference in your day.” They made a difference in my year. This is truly the best CD I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing since I started doing reviews for Colorado Music Buzz a little more than a year ago – that’s No. 1 of more than 30 CDs. They also say: “We hope to be great.” They are so great. They’re going to be worldwide. Just watch.

- Colorado Music Buzz

"Saints E.P. Review"

"It's so simple when you open your mouth," singer-guitarist Rob Gault croons in "Simple," among the gems on this consistently beguiling EP — but that's not necessarily true. Because he and his drum-playing brother, Lewi, moved to Denver from Scotland, listeners will expect vocals that recall actor James Doohan sputtering about dilithium crystals. Instead, Gault's accent is less noticeable than the purity of his delivery on the likes of "Here Again," a roiling showcase for dueling guitars wielded by Rob and cohort Blaine Schult, and the concluding "Colorado," a tribute to the Gaults' adopted home whose sincerity more than compensates for its sentimentality. While Saints' success at striking this balance comes across as extremely natural, it's tougher than it seems. After all, if it were simple, everyone could do it.
- Westword

"Saints E.P. Review"

For far too long, Denver’s anglophiles have been reduced to sitting around Streets Of London nursing a Boddington's and reheating the great Oasis vs. Blur debate. But have no fear, local Britpop fans: Saints' latest self-titled EP should more than quell desires to feel the nostalgic glory of "Wonderwall." Though the band itself is a Colorado-grown commodity, Saints also includes Scottish imports Rob and Lewi Gault, who help root a UK style in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. The band’s five-song debut calls on Saints' refined old-world pop sensibilities to cut the sort of EP that’s as out of place in Denver’s music scene as a Cockney accent is at a Broncos game.

However, this oddity isn't a bad thing. Saints don’t dwell on the clichéd Britpop checkpoints, turning their backs on Parklife and Definitely Maybe to cultivate a mildly psychedelic slant that shows far more affinity for everything bookended by early-years Charlatans U.K. and Stone Roses. Guitarists Blaine Schult and Rob Gault aren’t afraid to reach for uplifting and majestic arrangements, probably because they’re so good at achieving them. “Here Again” takes off, propelled by Lewi's drums into a swirling mass of sweaty, paisley guitars that rekindles Manchester’s glory days without resting on early-'90s nostalgia. The mildly psychedelic guitars return on “Guiding Light,” but Lewi's rhythms punch through the haze with a confidence even Denver’s trashiest rockers should respect.

When the trio pushes its guitars—and subtle ties to Britpop’s glory days—into the background, it has mixed results. “Simple” shoots for low-grade atmosphere, calling on drones and sparse guitars to guide it through a rather directionless number. “Colorado,” a musical postcard sent back to the highlands, pays tribute to the Gaults’ adopted homeland, checking our natural wonders with a pastoral frankness learned from Clearlake and British Sea Power. Unfortunately, the syrupy keyboards and maudlin schmaltz smack more of Coldplay and their D-town counterparts The Fray.

Saints isn’t going to unseat any of the Britpop canon, but it’s at least a better use of anglophile resources than droning on and on about EastEnders and Torchwood, isn’t it? - The Onion

"Class Of 2009"

Who: Saints

What: This act, formed by brothers Rob and Lewi Gault soon after they moved here from Scotland, is currently working its way into the scene from the outer reaches. The strength of Saints' vibrant, earnest Brit pop should ensure that it's a short trip. ( - Westword

"Tipped Tp Breakout in 2010"


A great new Scottish band formed by Rob and Lewi Gault who are based in Denver, Colorado. Their Guiding Light EP was one of my records of 2009. - Sunday Mail Magazine (UK)


Saints E.P. (2009)

Guiding Light - Played on Channel 93.3 Denver CO

Listen, Guiding Light - Played on Billy Sloan's show Radio Clyde 1 Glasgow Scotland

Colorado - Played on The Colorado Sound - Syndicated Statewide in Colorado.



Saints are led by Glaswegian brothers Rob and Lewi Gault, who chose the city of Denver, Colorado to host their musical ambitions. Blaine Schult and Zack Martinson are two locals who make up the band.
Saints have been described as Brit Rock but they are much more than that. Placing a high emphasis on Melody and emotion, Saints seamlessly blend classic guitar rock with programmed synths, bass subs and orchestral arrangements resulting in a truly awesome and powerful sound. Saints are influenced by bands as diverse as Aerogramme to Oasis, the Beatles, the Prodigy and New Order.

Saints have played live extensively and have opened for such Major acts as The Smashing Pumpkins, Chevelle, Flobots, Green River Ordinance, The Paper Chase and Tickle Me Pink.

Saints have appeared on KWGN for a live TV perfomance. Saints also have been on Denver and Colorado Radio consistently since the release of the debut EP in 2009.

Saints have been championed by Scottish legend Billy Sloan of the Sunday Mail Magazine and Radio Clyde 1 FM.