Saints and Heroes

Saints and Heroes


Saints and Heroes is a band composed of talented musicians bringing many components of rock music into one sound. With lyrics that express some of the hardest and best moments of our lives, we hope that you enjoy our music as much as we do making it.


At age 19, After spending six years on the road touring and performing as a bass player, Saints and Heroes front man Micah, with encouragement from his closest friend, decided to start a band. In 2007, they released their first 7 song album completely engineered and produced by Saints and Heroes. For two years they have been developing their new sound and style in the St. Louis, MO area. The songs are written as a way of journaling all the constant struggles of our everyday lives. In the summer of 2009 Saints and Heroes will be releasing a new four song EP recorded at Pendlwood Studios. Hoping that their music has a special connection with the audience, they continue to perform all across the United States.


Saints and Heroes-2.28.98 (2007)
Saints and Heroes EP (This Summer 2009)

Set List

We do sets from 25-45 min. normally.
Sleep Easy
Know Everything (optional)
(extra songs)
How Do You Sleep
Hour to Kill