Saints and Sinners

Saints and Sinners


Saints and Sinners plays country music like a band thats been through the wringer of rock music and has moved onto country. --Mariel Tam (Denton Record Chronicle-5.17.06)


Our name comes from a line in one of our songs. In it, a man has
committed suicide and in the moments before he dies he is
reflecting upon his life. The line is: “Saints and sinners alike
are remorseful and contrite when they’re beyond repair.” I think
that this line encompasses just about everything that we’re

We don’t write love songs. You won’t hear us talk much about
broken hearts or newfound romance. Because…well, who really
cares? It might be easier to shy away from subject matter like
religion or politics. After all, the trite and the trivial have
always made for songs that the listening public readily accepts
with enthusiasm. But that is exactly why we have to write these
songs; because it’s not about money or notoriety. I think that
if we could write one song that would make people realize how
insignificant we are or how unlikely it is that we are on this
planet; that if we could somehow cause someone to be a little
more compassionate, a little more understanding, a little more
accepting—that no amount of poverty or destitute will have
rendered our efforts futile.

So if you are looking to hear stories of disconsolate lovers
you’re wasting your time here. What you will hear are songs
about regrets, and about disgust, and about the absurdity of our
existence; about greed and hypocrisy in ourselves and in our
leaders; about our strengths and weaknesses; our vices and our
virtues; songs ultimately about what it means to be human.


On Being and Believing

Written By: Saints and Sinners

On Being and Believing

I witnessed whole lives in pseudo black and white
The radiation leaked out but the deceit stayed inside
My life; sliced in half-hours, was played out for me
By the forced happy-endings I watched on T.V.

It was almost too late to know anything else
A taxidermied culture heedlessly thrown on a shelf
Awaiting admiration of some passerby
And you could almost see the lost life glimmering in its eyes
But I swore by my mores I’d end up something more
Than just bones in a box in the ground
I guess sometimes, baby
You can even let yourself down

Some strange prophecy had been given to me
By a woman whom I owe my entire being
A delirious dream; or something to believe in
I took it, ascribed to it my life’s meaning
But I can’t tell my self from some book on the sill
And my own words sing like a tome
I may pretend that I’m fine
But I can’t help but feeling alone

And if this is how
The story is going to go count me out
It’s not that I’m scared
It’s just that honey I just don’t care.

And I’d like to have dreams like I did as a child
With enduring passion, naïve and wide-eyed
But every day that goes by a little piece of me dies
Senescence is a fact but I’ve still got a while
And I’ve never been sure why I’m looking at all
But something keeps nagging away:
If there’s not more than this
Then honey, how is it worth all the pain?

So I’d rather say sorry for something I’ve done
Than regret what I never tried
I swear I’ll be someone
If it takes me a lifetime

All Hope is Gone

Written By: Saints and Sinners

All Hope is Gone

Just take one last look before I’m broken
The speech I choked up just sounds absurd.
If you haven’t figured it out by now
Among the sins I’m guilty of is learning how
To make up every word

Been waiting for justification
I’ll try and make it just one more day
When the smiles wane I’ll scream out loud
And the waves I make will disappear in the crowd
Only misery remains

I’m too young to have lost faith in everything
Where has the idealist gone?

All hope is gone, all hope is gone
To the heroes and the villains: hope is gone
There’s not enough time to make a dent in all that’s wrong
When bad guys finish strong; all hope is gone

I spent all night romanticizing
Aspects of my life ‘til there was no excuse
I dug this hole now it’s just right
When I said “all the best” I was just being polite
I couldn’t care less if you want the truth

The complicated futility of ignorance
That’s what this struggle has become

All hope is gone; all hope is gone
All the Martyrs died in vain; all hope is gone
Sing me to sleep and don’t remind me what I’ve become
Wake me when it’s done, all hope is gone

All hope is gone; all hope is gone
Tell the believers and the cynics that hope is gone
Give yourself a pat on the back; you had a decent run
But now we’re feeling kind of numb; all hope is gone

All hope is gone, all hope is gone
Tell the heroes and the villains hope is gone
There’s not enough time to make a dent in all that’s wrong
We’re just not that strong; all hope is gone

As Common as Flies on Carrion

Written By: Saints and Sinners

As Common as Flies on Carrion

A bumper sticker or two
A daily dance with the nightly news
And you believe every word
Because it’s easier the less it hurts.
The more you identify the more you must be worth
The more you consume the more significant your birth

And so you never think twice
About your weaknesses or vices
Because if everyone’s blind
It must be a shared desire
I’ve done all I can, the worlds too big to be saved by one man
And I could jeopardize my crediting; my retirement plan
Someone’s gotta think of my family

Just keep your eyes on the prize
You’ve worked too hard for too long
As common as the flies on carrion
Take comfort in denial
Pretend there’s nothing wrong
As common as the flies on carrion

You hide behind stars and stripes
Regardless of who’s wrong or right
And dissent signals angst
Ungratefulness and hate

But just remember with these rights come responsibilities
You’re rendered impotent when you bow down before you speak
Don’t confuse your safety with freedom

Afraid to step out of line
Afraid to say something wrong
As common as the flies on carrion
Ok believing their lies
Pretend there’s nothing wrong
As common as the flies on carrion

Take Me to the River

Written By: Saints and Sinners

Take Me to the River

I’m stuck here like a star in the sky
Long since dead but not failing to shine
And I’m sending a message
Through all space and time
“Won’t someone please look at my light?”
But pen to pad it makes sense
I Write: “Who the hell have I been?”
A certain quest for the facts
Will end when I collapse
And take final flight from my skin

And I just don’t want to be forgotten
But I’m lame and ashamed and I’m scared and I’m lost
And I need someone who sees the infant
To take me to the river; wash my sins away

Two times I take a deep breath
Look in my mirror again
Clench my fists at my side
Swallow mouths full of pride
The aftertaste of chagrin
The screaming sirens declare
Like folded hands in a prayer
Saints and sinners alike
Are remorseful and contrite
When they’re beyond repair

Every breath I waste tells a story of longing
How I wish you were here to put a calm to my storm
But I let you go out of my childhood ignorance
Take me to the river; wash my sins away

The angels sing at God feet
The devil writhes and retreats
The truth is not that profound
My flesh will nourish the ground
And that’s all I’ll ever be

Every time I see my face it’s just a stranger in a puddle
I don’t recognize the scars or remember the suffering
Hear my repentance; an overdue apology
And take me to the river; wash my sins away

And I just don’t want to be forgotten
But I’m lame and ashamed and I’m scared and I’m lost
And I hold onto you like a drowning fisherman
Take me to the river; wash my sins away


Saints and Sinners--S/T (Full-Length) 2006

Set List

Brave New World
Disconnected Son
On Being and Believing
Can't Call this House a Home
Shirts and Skins
As Common as Flies on Carrion
All the Needless Things
All Hope is Gone
If You had Another Chance
Take Me to the River
When the Smoke Clears
No Turning Back
Welcome to My Nightmare
The End
Best Parts of Me

Sunday Morning Coming Down--Kris Kristofferson
Born to Lose--Johnny Cash
Mission Veijo--Lifter Puller
Victoria--Shane McGowan and the Popes
The Star-Spangled Banner--Traditional
Good Hearted Woman- Waylon Jennings
Sloop John B- The Beach Boys
When the Man Comes Down- Johnny Cash