saint silas intercession

saint silas intercession


Saint Silas Intercession sound like an old strung out Irish garaged blues punk rock band from 1967 who would have scared the hell out of Them. "Folks say its rhythm n’ balls - razor-ass blues, we call it Caravan Rock! It’s a kick-in-the-nuts, mace-in-the-face, bald headed musical experience.


PADDYWANASH meets MICHAEL J SHEEHY. That's exactly who Saint Silas Intercession are.


All About The Money

Written By: Saint Silas Intercession

You know I love but you rip me to ma soul, shoulda got married longtime ago.

Used to feel good, feeling like a man, now I'm like a dog, down on my hands, can't you see woman, I'm doing all I can, working my nuts off with my band!

'Cos its all about the money!


All About The Money - CD Single on ORGAN Records released August 16 2004.

Set List

Usually 30 mins like the PLACEBO support at Brixton Academy. All original including, Standin' By Your Man, Naked Elvis, The Publican and of course the single tracks - All About The Money, Gettin' ma Share, You Don't Live Here Anymore and Caravan Rock!