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"Saints Of Insanity"

Saints of Insanity is a band which hails from Clovis California, but they are a NOTOWN band through and through. The group was constructed in the late winter of 2008. Since then they have been constantly changing and mutating into the power house band they are today. Saints of Insanity presently consist of Front man Timothy Walker, Guitarist Curtis Lotz, Bassist Mitch Munsey, and Drummer Derek Upton. In the beginning Saints of Insanity practiced in their studio for almost a year before hitting the stage. The group's first shows took place in southern California consisting of a small tour from Hollywood to San Diego. During this time Saints of Insanity drew attention from Grammy award winning record producer Jeff Webber. After a private conversation between these individuals Saints of Insanity was full of fire and the determination to work even harder.....

Inspired by the life changing words given by Jeff Webber, Saints of Insanity's eyes were open and ready to take the surrounding area by storm. At this time the band consisted of five members. After a lot of meditating and contemplation the group decided to become a four piece unit instead of a five. With a new vision and drive for success the band began playing local high schools in hopes of drawing new fans and income for charity. The shows consisted of a week-long adventure to raise money for the schools performing arts program. During one the shows, Guitarist Curtis Lotz cut his finger in the middle of a set. By the end of the set Curtis and his guitar were full of blood. After the show the teens were asking him to sign his bloody picks! During another high school show the kids mobbed the stage and stole about $500 worth of merchandise. Were the Saints mad? "Hell no," Derek Upton said, "That's a lot kids wearing Saints of Insanity can't buy that kind of publicity!" After this week long tour Saints of Insanity released their first album at CUSD'S new visual performing arts theater. The room was full of screaming fans and a show that was unlike any they had ever played. During this madness the band gave away a custom signed Saints of Insanity guitar to a lucky fan. This was a night the group and their new fans would never forget.....

After releasing their first album Saints of Insanity caught the attention of local tattoo and piercing shop, Nightwitch Body Art. "They came to us and basically said, "What would it take to put you guys on tour"? "Without thinking twice, they handed us a chunk of change that put us on our ass, speechless!" The group invested the money into a few out of town festivals, hoping that the opportunity would broaden their horizon...only to find the circling sharks of the recording industry ready to take advantage of them. "A few basically saw us coming," Curtis tells me, "but once again, a great learning experience."....

One of the most important lessons Saints of Insanity had learned through putting themselves out there was the quality standard of their recorded material needed to be up to par. They had been working on their first professional album with record producer and owner of Invengo records/Productions, Joshua Rumer. Joshua Rumer states, "When I heard the originality of the group, I had to step in and be certain that the edges were fine tuned. It's my duty to the music industry. So many bands are doing a rather bland, overdone sort of metal these days and SOI had different flavors to offer. Tim's vocals are unique to a metal based project and Curtis has a way of chunking up the playground for Tim to bob and weave in and out of. Couple that with the most solid rhythm section of Mitch and Derek and it was the makings for a worthy endeavor for development and subsequent promotions. They are hard workers, indeed, so we expect great things from them in the near future. Or Else." While sitting in their band room, I could hear the tracks being tweaked by Joshua in the other room...and it sounded awesome! When asked to describe their musical influences, they each had completely different answers. Derek comes from a Latin salsa funk fusion background, he grew up playing "salsa core" and then, like so many teens do, he found metal and rock music. Curtis listened to anything rock growing up...the Scorpions and Avenge Sevenfold are on his list of favorites. Mitch says he loves bands like Lamb of God and is highly influenced by Southern American metal. And Tim comes from, believe it or not, a reggae background!!! He also sites guitar/storytellers as a major influence. He used to sing in reggae bands and totally looks the part...dreads and all! Now, he rocks it in the Saints of Insanity...who claim their music will appeal to all different kinds of metal lovers. It's metal for the masses, or "Metallinium", as they called it. "Metal light," they tell me in unison. Their many influences come though in their music. "This line up is here to stay," Curtis states, "We finally have a group of dedicated guys. No matter how pissed we get at each other, we work incredibly well together. We all share one passion and one dream, and by working together, there is nothing stopping us now!"....

Saints of Insanity have been putting their stamp on the industry. Throughout their journey they have caught the attention of some awesome people and companies, such as Krank Amps, Soultone Cymbals, and Silverfox Drum Sticks. They have recently been talking with DBZ Guitars about being one of their first endorsers. Invengo Records/Productions is working with them on a development deal and Loaded Energy Drinks and the band have a solid relationship. They are also getting great support from their friends at Sanger Music and Nightwitch Body Art. They are currently awaiting confirmation on a national tour called "The Extreme Tour 2011" and are eagerly awaiting the debut of their first professional album, "Beyond Redemption", coming out later this year.....

In the meantime, the guys have day jobs to deal they work towards rock stardom. Derek is a session drummer. Tim's day job sounds fun...he plays with lasers (like Luke Skywalker!). Curtis does sound and lighting for concerts and Mitch deals with frozen cow carcass all day. Now that's what I call dedication! The Saints of Insanity are looking forward to a very bright and promising future and couldn't be happier or more excited for what's to come. So, there you have it...the Saints of Insanity in a nutshell. They are very funny guys, professional and hard-working, chaotic and passionate...they are the breath of fresh air that the Fresno metal scene needs. Check them out!!!.... - NoTown Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Saints Of Insanity is a four-piece Nu Metal group from central California. In a short amount of time they have made strides in their career, working every moment of life to push them to the top. The bands unique take on metal has set them apart from many other contenders in the game.

The group has obtained sponsorship and endorsements from some very reputable companies. These consist of Krank Amplifiers, Soultone Cymbals, Nightwitch tattoo, Loaded Energy Drink, Sanger Music, and Shed Drums.

In 2011 S.O.I was published on the cover of the March issue of NoTown Magazine. This issue also included a four-page spread of the band. Guitarist Curtis Lotz was featured on the DBZ guitar website and drummer Derek Upton has also been published in Drum Magazine. Members of the group have been featured at NAMM and will be doing clinics in the near future.

The band recently finished tracking their debut album “Beyond Redemption” which will be released later this year. This was recorded through Invengo Records, which handpicked Saints Of Insanity as their next artist to sign into a development deal. – Joshua Rumer producer/CEO Invengo Records states “… So many bands are doing a rather bland, overdone sort of metal these days and S.O.I had different flavors to offer… it was the makings for a worthy endeavor for development and subsequent promotions. They are hard workers indeed, so we expect great things from them in the near future…”Currently Saints Of Insanity is negotiating contracts with record companies and are working on touring in the near future.