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Saints of Ruin

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Gothic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




San Francisco-based Goth/Rock band, Saints Of Ruin has just released their 5-song debut Fairytale. The EP is now available on CD Baby,,,, on MySpace and in select stores. Further digital distribution is scheduled on iTunes, Amazon, Napster and Rhapsody within the month.

The Fairytale EP Release Party is scheduled for June 12, 2008 at FAT CITY: 314 11th Street in San Francisco, California; sponsored by and Jetset Energy Drink.

The Saints Of Ruin are a female-fronted, modern Goth/Rock band, combining powerful melodic vocals and mysterious lyrics with elements of metal guitars and electronic undercurrents. The band is actively seeking indie or major label support.

The Saints of Ruin are rapidly garnering international fans and media attention:
“…An INCREDIBLE Gothic band, with superstardom to be had… [See] for yourselves, what all the darkly riveting commotion is about. GRAVE CONCERNS E-ZINE / US - MARCH 2008
“An extraordinary one of a kind Gothic Rock band that will take the world by storm…” MY GOTHIC LIFE MAGAZINE / PR - MARCH 2008
“…Record labels had better start forming an orderly queue here, to avoid disappointment!” RAVENHEART MUSIC / UK - MAY 2008

Saints Of Ruin songs have already been featured on compilation CDs by Alternative Magazine (UK) and Mattey Magazine (Venezuela), played on Materiale Resistente Radio (Italy), 1978 Radio (Portugal), (US), (US), (US) and on’s soundtrack. Noted Goth-scene writer Mick Mercer will include Saints Of Ruin in his new book releasing mid-2008. Band members are proudly endorsed by: Epiphone Guitars, Coffin Case, GHS Strings, Rocktron and Morley.

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<a href='' target='_blank'>Press Release: SAINTS OF RUIN RELEASES DEBUT EP</a> -


The Saints Of Ruin are based in San Francisco fronted by Ruby Ruin, and are a band that will take the world by storm. I have the honour of reviewing their 5 track cd 'Fairytale' that the band so kindly sent me. And this is totally awesome melodic gothic metal, and I cannot wait for a full length release. Why? because based on this little gem and if there is any justice, world wide recognition will not be too far away. This mini album will have a broad range of appeal too, appealing to the melodic rock fan out there as well as the more gothy types. 'Fairytale' kicks off with the ultra catchy 'Inside My Head' (and the song will bounce around inside your head for ages), followed by one of my faves, 'Labyrinth'. The cd ends with the haunting ballad 'All For You'. And before you finish with this review, check the band out at This cd can be purchased from and is well worth the purchase money, while record labels had better start forming an orderly queue here, to avoid disappointment! 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave). - Ravenheart Music


In the gothlight (bis); Saints Of Ruin (15-05-2008)

In onze nooit aflatende speurtocht naar nieuw gotisch talent vliegen we van Italië naar Californië USA om te belanden bij The Saints Of Ruin die ons attenderen op hun debuut ep "Fairytale". De groep is opgebouw rond ene Tommy Dark die met Rubby Ruin die ideale bassiste en zangeres vond. Verder worden de Saints aangevuld met John Paul Young en Michael Broadus. De groep pretendeert een melodieuze en moderne gothic rock variant te spelen waarbij plaats is voor een tikkeltje metal invloeden en één en ander wordt aangedreven door een elektronische motor. Met een vijf nummers tellende debuut ep wil de groep zich vooral ook in Europa in de kijker spelen. De groep is vooralsnog labelloos, dus zult u zich de ep via de groep's eigen website moeten aanschaffen (zie link), waarop u trouwens de nummers kunt voorbeluisteren.


Saints of Ruin- Fairytale
Written by Lynda Dale MacLean
Sunday, 04 May 2008

Artist: Saints Of Ruin
Title: Fairytale

Ruby Ruin, Tommy Dark, John Paul Young and Michael Dominic---those are the names to be fresh off of your lips and into your hearts when you, speak of their band Saints Of Ruin. Artistically, professionally, you’d think that they’ve been performing like world-class pros---and they should be because that's how they truly appear to be already.

“Fairytale” a five-track album featuring “Inside My Head”, “Labyrinth” “Forever” and “Next World”--- stunning songs, each cutting to the core of what engages the listeners with emotion, riveting vocals, spellbinding and powerfully written lyrics and explosive music, which make them a standout in a crowd of millions…but, it is with the loveliness of the balled “All For You”, that closes the album with a classic goth rock style beauty which, made my eyes swell and my throat close. And that’s beauty…something that doesn’t just happen, but is given out sparingly, with the hope of creating something remarkable. Thus proving how immensely talented Saints Of Ruin are---because not only do they crank out pipin’ hot, smokin’ rock tunes to spilt the molecules in your body three-ways south but, they tap into the eloquent and romantic side of music, and still are able to make it rock with such a star powered performance. Memorable too, in the “blockbuster" movie way of thinking. The kind of song that triggers such emotion from a brilliant and pivotal scene in a movie made only more brilliant because of the music.

I love this band---they have this magic throughout them---a blessed quality that can only shine from within, before illuminating the outside world with their gifts, as they have shown. And that to me means that Saints Of Ruin WILL be here for one hell of a long, long, ride…rightfully so!

With a deep breath taken and slowly exhaled, I happily look forward to the newly found friendships and following the gorgeous and rockin’ musical career of Saints Of Ruin. - GRAVE CONCERNS



Saints Of Ruin is a FEATURED ARTIST on for June 2008. - FUZZ.COM


(May/June 2008)

Hell YES !! Our favorite clothing company just got a little better. Lip Service has featured our song "Labyrinth" on their soundtrack. - LIP-SERVICE.COM


Written by: Emmanuel Castro
March 2008

Saints of Ruin - An extraordinary one of a kind Gothic Rock band that will take the world by storm with their magnificent unique Gothic Rock & Roll sound, to me the band deserves a 10 out of 10, they are heavy, they have great riffs, they know what they are doing, their lyrics are very cool & their production is so beautiful & well done.

For complete interview see link: - MY GOTHIC LIFE


Written by Lynda Dale MacLean
Monday, 24 March 2008

Saints Of Ruin hail from San Francisco, California, and they are an INCREDIBLE Gothic band, with superstardom to be had, all over them. Their downright ass-kicking talents---musically and vocally, are a combination of sinful seductiveness, beautifully raw, and dazzlingly inventive stories to name a few, for the ears to indulge in. Their super sexy attitudes only entice the want of more…and with their warm and friendly personalities---laced in intelligence, compassion, and humor, not only are Saints Of Ruin fantastic to listen to, but also had made quite an impression on me though their interview responses. Please check out Saints Of Ruin, and read, for yourselves, what all the darkly riveting commotion is about. And without a blink of dark doubt, check out their new album “Fairytale”. I just LOVE this band! (;

For complete interview, see link: - GRAVE CONCERNS


Saints of Ruin are a modern Goth-Rock band that has been masterfully pumping out dark industrial rock since mid-2007. Powerful melodic vocals, elements of Metal guitar and electronic undercurrents. Leading female-fronted Goth-Rock in San Francisco, their album Fairytale is receiving rave reviews. - Revolver Magazine


NIGHTMARE: First full-length CD releases May 2010 on Echozone Records
FAIRYTALE: Five-song debut EP released April 2008
ZILLO Compilation CD featuring "Halloween Song" on Echozone Records April 2010.
CORRELATION double CD Compilation featuring "Never Go Away" March 2010 on Echozone Records
GOTHIC VISIONS Compilation featuring "Dying Time" November 2009 on Echozone Records
BLEEDING EDGE 3: compilation CD from Alternative Magazine (UK), featuring the song "Labyrinth". Released March 2008.
METAL WORLD 2: compilation CD from Mattey Magazine (South America), featuring the song "Forever". Released May 2008
GOTHIC VISIONS: Complilation CD/DVD from Crawling Tunes / Gothic Magazine (Germany), featuring the song "Dying Time". Released October 2009.
PANDORA RADIO: Selections from "Fairytale" and "Nightmare" are played in rotation since October 2009.



With sexy look and sound, The Saints Of Ruin have been selected to play shows like the Anne Rice's Vampire Ball in New Orleans, Folsom Street Fair (the world's largest fetish fair) and some of the West's hottest Goth and Rock clubs.
The Saints Of Ruin are rapidly gaining media attention with rave reviews and ample internet radio play. They appear in Mick Mercer's new Goth music directory book, "Music To Die For". Their music is featured in "Slay Angels" dish network series. They were reviewed in Revolver Magazine's Meet and Greet in September 2008 and was featured on Lip Service's Soundtrack for April 2008 and on in May of 2008.
You can hear Saints Of Ruin played on Pandora Radio.
The full-length CD Nightmare releases in November of 2009.
The CD "Fairytale" released in 2008 and is available on iTunes, Rhapsody,, SnoCap, CDBaby, and in select stores.

Saint Of Ruin was rated the #1 unsigned Gothic band on MySpace on October of 2009.

Tommy Dark found the singer he was looking for. She was in California. So he packed his guitar and leather pants and he left New York City. Before leaving NYC, Tommy Dark played lead guitar in Voltaire's band The Oddz.
Saints Of Ruin, began in San Fransisco at the beginning of 2007. Tommy and singer-bass player, Ruby Ruin began writing together and creating music that fused Gothic metal with power Pop. Very catchy hooky stuff. Adding John Paul Young ..keyboards, immediately infused an element of Industrial music to an already original sounding mix of music Gothic Industrial Pop, was now born in the Saints Of Ruin !!! The final ingredient was the Drummer....Michael Dominic Broadus. Kick Ass pounding and perfect timing. No other drummer would have fit this well.