Saints of Silence

Saints of Silence


...if your are 10 seconds into our tune and your head is still not bobbing then you are most likely dead…


Saints of Silence was formed in our Nation's Capitol during the fall of 2004, by front man Simon Norr and lead guitarist Nick Burton. Originally an acoustic duo, S.O.S. soon evolved into a fully dynamic acoustic/electric rock band, as Nick picked up his electric guitar and they were joined by Chris Fisher on bass and Louies Otero on drums.

Over the past two years Saints of Silence has played extensively up and down the east coast, from CBGB’s in NYC, to the Black Cat in Washington, DC. S.O.S. has received airplay locally on DC101 and Z104, as well as internationally, on the British internet based radio station AII Radio (

Recently S.O.S has caught the eye of several publishing companies, and with their help, has already begun to sell music in the States as well as overseas. The band has also been in close contact with a Nashville based record label.

With new a new EP on the way, accompanied by a sound that continues to captivate audiences, the Saints of Silence remain one of the area’s most promising local acts.



Our new EP 'Free Dirt' is out. Please check out the tunes here on sonicbids or on and let us know what you think?

Stray Bullet (2005)

Our single, "Too Late," has recieved air play on DC101 and Z104.

Set List

Our set list consists of all orginial songs (usually about 10-12 per set) and runs on average, about 50 minutes. We do have enough original material for more then two full sets and are always writing new songs.