Saints of Tomorrow

Saints of Tomorrow

 East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA

Saints of Tomorrow is a new band coming from Springfield MA who wishes to spread the gospel through music. We play every this from hard rock, to indie, to straight up praise and could play an entire gig for any of those genres.


We met as a worship band a Faith Tabernacle in East Longmeadow. At first we were just the backup team, very rarely playing, and with no prominent lead singer, but on youth group we were invited to play a small worship set... on our own... Scary stuff huh? Well, it ended up going really well, and we ended up in this band together. Obviously it hasn't been the easiest road, we lost a bassist and a keyboardist (long ago) but it has been fun. Three of the members in our band have been playing together for something like four years now, and only after the worship set, did we really start to do well. No prominent record label yet, but we are working on it. We are influenced by most Christian bands out there who are spreading the word through their music.


Shadows on the Sun

Written By: Dan Bellerose

It's hard to say you love someone with a bomb strapped to your back
It's easier to know your real if your head is still intact
When colors come to life and the world stops the spinning round
And people all around you scream but you can't hear a sound
Whoa, the monster he comes, whoa
Whoa, making shadows on the sun, whoa
The fiddle plays a mocking tune and we all start to cheer
But you know deep inside just who, just who the people cheer
When people are electrical and need to be recharged
The circuit in my back it seems has broken three new laws.


Coming Soon...
A Collection of Thoughts (Our first album)

Set List

Hide and Seek (Original)
The White Rider (Original)
Shadows on the Sun (Original)
Resevoir Park (The Dutchess And The Duke)
The Earth Will Shake ({Remix} Thrice)
Who Are You, I Love You (Original)
Everlasting Love (Original)
The War (Original)
I Still Remember (Bloc Party)
Birds Become Monsters (Original)
Slow Fade ({Remix} Casting Crowns)
Secrets (Original)
The Hazards of Love ({Remix} The Decemberists)
Drowning In Dreams (Original)
That Beautiful Chaos (Original)
Give Me Your Eyes (Brandon Heath)