Saints Will Do

Saints Will Do


You wanted the best? You got the best we could do. Self-deprecating Rock 'n' Roll. IYL Husker Du, Matthew Sweet, Superdrag


Saints Will Do is for everyone. While capturing that visceral and immediate bite identified with punk rock, SWD counters that punch with Beatle-esque harmonies and pure heart. Such a soulful, melancholy mix of vocals and guitars that one couldn't help but be reminded of everything from Alex Chilton and Brian Wilson to early SST-era bands such as Husker Du, The Descendents and Dinosaur Jr.


Three Strikes Against Us - demo songs posted at

Set List

Set list is 30 minutes, 6-7 songs. Occasionally covering The Replacement's "Left of the Dial" and Otis Redding's "Satisfaction".

Right now this is our set:

Headfirst (My Best at Work)
Gigolo Super Soldier
I Should've Known Better First
I Don't Mean To
Seen You Soon
Carla Toledo
Done For