Saint Warhead

Saint Warhead

 Portland, Oregon, USA
BandHip HopRock

Saint Warhead makes music about real life stuff, like killing zombies. He spends his free time quitting smoking, folding origami, and collecting ex-girlfriend's.


Saint Warhead is a 24 year old emcee from Portland, Oregon taking a peculiar path to entering the underground hip hop scene. Originally trying to brand himself as a “Christian” artist, Saint Warhead’s career started while he was serving a near 6 year sentence for a robbery conviction. Attending Berklee College of Music online and recording his first two EPs while still incarcerated, Saint's motivation and hunger for success was apparent even in the darkest of circumstances. Saint Warhead was paroled on May 24th, 2011 after spending ages 16 to 22 inside the System. Upon re-entering society Saint continually struggled with his past lifestyle and found difficulty finding his niche in religious hip hop sub-genres. Regardless, he continued his grind and became determined to redefine his identity as an artist.

As the months progressed Warhead began to make waves in local music circles performing shows around the Pacific Northwest. During this time his sound and image began to shift towards a more indie direction, one that he says is "more authentic and honest". Although still adament about his belief in God, it has no longer become the focal point of his music. Rather, it has become woven into a maze of lyrics about addiction, incarceration, depression, and relationships; along with Saint's personal stories and struggles in life, his views on the world, and his thoughts on the state of the industry and hip hop music.

Saint Warhead's music and image goes to the edges, borderlining both religious and secular hip hop sub-genres and causing him to be an outcast in both.


• Ivory Poachers Tour with Sapient, DJ Nykon, and DopeThought (October – November 2011)
• The Quality Noise Tour with IAME (Sandpeople/Oldominion) and Wildcard (May 2012)
• The Sinners & Saints Tour with Ripynt (July – August 2012)
• Shared the stage with Luckyiam of the Living Legends, Aceyalone, LMNO, One Be Lo, Sapient of Sandpeople, IAME of Sandpeople/Oldominion, Rasco of Cali Agents, Kublakai, Wildcard
• Features from Sapient and Kublakai on his freshman full-length album release Roses Are Red Hip Hop Is Blue


"Warhead's style is calm, reserved, but with an honest darkness about it. His beats are simple and driving, and his lyrical delivery is smooth and poetic. His words touch us in the depths of our souls and tell the story of his own personal journey through life. With a combination of raw vocals and effects driven lyrics, Warhead's music is worth listening to. He is truly carving his own unique niche in rap.

With hip-hop as his brush, Saint Warhead paints his story on a musical canvas. Although young and new to the public eye, years on the grind are evident in his performance and his style."

- Andre Ericson, Getting Real on Indie Music


Roses Are Red Hip Hop Is Blue (May 2012)
All My Ex's Smoke Meth EP (October 2011) - No longer available
The Kennel Testimony EP (July 2011) - No longer available

Digital Singles:
Preach feat. Sapient (April 2012)
Hard Life (July 2011) - No longer available
Gotta Get Away feat. Lauren Light (August 2010)

Set List

(Approx. 30 min.) (Set length can be flexible, and can be accommodated to range from 20 min. to 1 hr.)

No covers. All original songs.

Code Red
Roses Are Dead
If Everyone Made Music
You, Me
Rocker Chicks
Studio 24/7
Clear Sound (Remix)

Note: Set list and basic requirements are flexible and negotiable depending on the needs/requirements of the venue. If you want or need something different just ask, I can probably find a way to accommodate.