Saira B.

Saira B.


This up and coming artist has a very unique style all of here own. She takes rock to a whole different level and has a natural presence that is sure to attract a crowd!


As long as I can remember, I've always been passionate about singing and wanted to be an entertainer. I taught myself how to sing by listening to other artists and trying to copy exactly what I heard. Growing up, I was also in chior all through my school years, which helped me build the foundation for my future.
At 19 I started recording locally, adding my magic to tracks. I have worked with various local producers and have recorded numerous songs, but never felt like I could get the sound I was looking for. In 2005 I tried out for American Idol and made to the executive judge stage. Though I did not make it all the way, it was a good experience for me and I left there with more motivation than ever.
Early in 2007 I met my producer Elvin "Krusho" Mokoma and now feel that I have everything I need to be the artis I know I am. I write songs constantly and am ready to begin this long journey. Let's Rock Out!


Currently working on first demo and album.